FLOODING OF FUNAAB END OF ALABATA ROAD: There Is No Cause For Alarm … We’ve carried out paliative measure – Ag. Director of Works

The University’s Directorate of Works has assured members of the Academic Community that there’s no cause for alarm over the wreckage of FUNAAB end of Alabata/Camp Road by incessant flood.


L-R The University’s Acting Director of Works, Mr. kehinde Ajiboye in a hearty chat with the Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Babatunde Idowu on curtailing the wreckage of the flooded portion of Camp/Alabata Road

The Acting Director of Works, Mr. Kehinde Ajiboye allayed fears of probable collapsed of the heavily flooded portion of the road when FUNAAB Bulletin crew sighted him and his team while carrying preventive measure therein.

Mr. Ajiboye was accompanied by the Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Babatunde Idowu who led some FUNAAB Students on manual repair of the road.

Speaking on their intervention, Mr. Ajiboye said, “what we are doing is just a palliative measure, moreso that we are in the raining season.  We can’t do much here until dry season”

However, he assured that the palliative measure we are doing now will

Scenic view of the burstling of the heavily flooded culvert at FUNAAB end of Alabata / Camp Road

assist the road users to have their way pending the end of this raining season.  If you go to the other side, we are doing the same thing as we are talking and I want to assure members of the University Community that there is no cause for alarm.  The covert is strong, it won’t collapse”.

Reiterating that the road aforementioned is a Federal Government Road which lead to Olodo and Ibadan, Mr. Ajiboye explained the cause of the heavy flood.

Exemplary Future Leaders: Some FUNAAB Students drafted to the flooded part of Alabata/Camp Road by their Dean, Professor Babatunde Idowu assisting with manual repair

According to him, “Because of the expansion around this area, you’ll discover that the volume of run-off water must have overcome the size of the covert.  The only way out is to change the covert to covert of two cell”.