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UNAAB Management Lifts Ban On Student Unionism …Promises More Buses and Hostel Facilities

The Management of the University has lifted the partial ban that was temporarily placed on Student Union activities in the institution.

Consequently, logistic to pave way for full democratization of Student Unionism in the University by early June, had been directed to be put in motion, immediately.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Balogun, broke the good news last Thursday, at a Management meeting held, with the attendance of some student representatives, in the Conference Room of the Directorate of Public Relations.

The Vice-Chancellor has therefore directed the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Samuel Oluwalana, to meet with the student’s representatives towards mapping-out proposal for a credible democratization and elections of Union executive.

Professor Balogun who commended the good conduct of the students assured of Management’s logistic support, to ensure that a full executive was elected into office, at least two weeks before the commencement of the Second Semester examination.

Meanwhile the Management has planned additional succor for students in the area of transportation, as six additional Ashok-Leyland buses will be delivered this week, to further boost the University’s fleet. (The buses actually arrived on campus last Friday).

In the same vein, the Vice-Chancellor has equally assured that a new set of hostel to accommodate female students would be ready by the commencement of session in September.

Professor Balogun who dropped the hints during the Management meeting, said fund for the buses and hostel projects were sourced from the Acceptance Fee, paid by students on fresh admission to the University.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, the continued improvement in student welfare by his administration was in keeping faith with the pledge to always commit fund generated through Acceptance Fee “to be utilized in the interest of the students”, he said.

The Vice-Chancellor observed that the spate of student unrest would be greatly curtailed if University Management across the nation stop paying ‘lip-service’ to student welfare and utilize fund generated through fees, judiciously.

In his word, Professor Balogun said, “How can they (UNAAB students) say they want to riot? All money generated through the Acceptance Fee, had been deployed to provision of buses and hostels. N21m was added by Management to what they (students) paid in 2008/2009 and that’s why we have more buses and hostels.

I have always counselled students not to protest the payment of Acceptance Fee, what I detest is collecting the money and not using it for the benefit of the students”. He added.

The Dean of student Affairs, Professor Oluwalana commended what he termed an “open and genuine sincerity” of the incumbent administration to issues concerning students with an assurance that the democratization of the Union would be actualized without delay.

The Dean assured that a time-table would be presented without further delay as the students already had a proposal, saying the major issue will be in forming an electoral body to midwife the process.

Leader of the students’ representative, who is also the General Secretary of the National Association of the Nigerian Students, Zone D, Mr. Thomas Arowolo, pledged that the students will always justify the confidence reposed in them and ensure that their level-headedness was not compromised.

University Librarian Thanks VC


The Staffers and Users of the ‘Nimbe Adedipe Library, have expressed gratitude to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun for his unrelenting efforts at maintaining functional service of facilities in the University Library.

In a release, the University Librarian, Mr. Abayomi Agboola, thanked the Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the Library staff and users, particularly for facilitating adequate water supply to the 42 toilet facilities in the Library, a situation which according to him, had hitherto been “a major headache for some time now”.

According to the University Librarian, the prompt release of funds by the Vice-Chancellor enabled the Library to replace the aged pumps in its underground reservoirs, repair the overhead tanks and also reticulate water from a near-by borehole.

Mr. Agboola also expressed happiness that “the issue of stinking toilets and messing up of the library environment with human wastes has now become a thing of the past”.

The University Librarian, Mr. Abayomi Agboola, thanking the VC on behalf of the Library Staff and Users.


MANCOT Chair Counsels Students on Promptness

Dr. Jonathan Atungwu  responding to questions from UNAAB Bulletin



The Chairman of the University’s Management Committee on Transportation (MANCOT), Dr. Jonathan Atungwu has admonished students of the University on the need to always arrive MANCOT Parks an hour before their Lectures.

This according to the Chairman, will enable a flexible period of commuting and also assist in avoiding the usual traffic congestion between 7:45am and 8:00am in the morning.

Speaking with UNAAB Bulletin crew, the Chairman asserted that students should avoid the habit of sleeping beyond 5.00am during the week, noting that if students get to MANCOT Parks early, they would be guaranteed a timely service.

According to Dr. Atungwu, the buses commence operations at the MANCOT Parks by 6:45 am, daily.

Dr Atungwu identified lateness of students to the MANCOT Parks and the high incidence of traffic congestion on the road, as some of the challenges facing the committee.

He however, appreciated the efforts of the Vice–Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun for being supportive in the welfare of the students and staff at large.

The Chairman disclosed that the University operates 19 functional buses, with each running an average of 18 trips per day and lifting about 7,000 students to and from the Campus, on daily basis.

He identified lateness of students to the MANCOT Parks and the high incidence of traffic congestion on the road, as some of the challenges facing the committee.

He, however, appreciated the efforts of the Vice–Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun for being supportive in the welfare of the students and staff at large.


UNAAB Warms Up For VC’s 4th Anniversary

Preparations for the celebration of the Vice–Chancellor’s 4th Anniversary, is already gathering momentum.

Speaking in a chat with UNAAB Bulletin in his office, the Chairman of the 4th Anniversary Committee, Prof. Oluseyi Oduguwa, said all the members that worked for the success of the 3rd edition of the event, were retained for the next  anniversary.

According to him, the Committee, had since its re-inauguration, met thrice for deliberations on logistics which include, programmes, guests invitation, transportation, publicity and other necessary details.

Professor Oduguwa said 5 Sub–Committees had been created, to facilitate the smooth execution of the event. The sub-committees are those of Venue, led by Prof. A.B Idowu; Catering & Entertainment, headed by Dr. (Mrs) Helen Bodunde; Security, Health & Transportation, led by Prof. O.B Kehinde; Media, Publicity and Protocol, to be convened by Mr. ‘Lasun Somoye while the Church Programme Sub – Committee is chaired by Prof. Oluseyi Oduguwa.


The Vice-Chancellor; Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, thanking God at a similar event.


UFASS: Liberia Seeks More UNAAB’s Assistance … Sponsors 20 Agric. Ministry Staff


The University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB) Foreign African Scholarship Scheme (UFASS) has received further endorsement, following request by the Liberian Ministry of Agriculture, Monrovia, to assist in the training of twenty of its employees at the postgraduate level.

The UFASS Coordinator, Dr. James Daramola disclosed to UNAAB Bulletin, that the Principal Director of Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Monrovia, Mrs. Ara V. Chea, had specifically requested the assistance of the University in the area of advance training of twenty of its employees at the Master’s and Doctorate’s levels, through UFASS.

According to Mrs. Chea, the Ministry, in conjunction with the African Development Bank (ADB), will bear the cost of tuition and other expenses of the training.

It would be recalled that the University’s Governing Council had last June, approved the setting-up of UFASS, under the aegis of the Centre for Internationalization  and Partnership (CENIP), for the purpose of assisting with the manpower development of sister African nations.

The first set of scholars of the Scheme, drawn from Liberia, The Gambia and Sierra-Leone, commenced training in January, 2011.



2011 Elections: Count My Students Out of Thuggery

-  VC tells NOA Director

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun (right) presenting UNAAB’s souvenir to the visiting
Chairman, NOA, Ogun State, Mr. Sola Babalola at the Senate Chamber while DVCs, Prof. Onwuka, Academic (R)
and Prof. Lagoke ,Development (L) look on.


The University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, has vouched for the sound moral conduct of the institution’s students.


Professor Balogun passed the vote of confidence on the students Professor Balogun passed the vote of confidence on the students in his remarks during an Enlightenment Visit of the Ogun State Director of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Sola Babalola to the University, to sensitize the academic community on the on-going general elections in the country.


The Vice-Chancellor, who met the meeting mid-way on his return from an official trip, told Mr. Babalola in plain terms, that both the students and staff of the University, are law abiding citizens, who will not undermine the peace of the nation.


According to the Vice - Chancellor, “This University is one of the most peaceful.  As far as the issue of using students for violence is concerned, count my students out”.

Prof. Balogun, however, enjoined the students to justify the confidence he reposed in them by comporting themselves and shun all tendencies of violence during, and after the electioneering period.


“Students, you are the most vulnerable in the society.  My appeal to you is to remember the son of whom you are.  Keep faith with our progressive values in the University”, he admonished.


Speaking further, Professor Balogun also expressed disappointment over the failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to site neither a Registration nor Voting Centre in the University, regardless of its overwhelming population of about 13,000 people, including students and staff.

The Vice-Chancellor disclosed that he had sent a formal petition to the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, on the issue.

Responding to the absence of Registration and Voting Centres in the University, the NOA Director, Mr. Babalola said, “I can only appeal to the University community to bear with us.  It is because of our experiences in some institutions in the past”.


Mr. Babalola, however described the University as peaceful and the Vice-Chancellor as an achiever. “We are very aware that this is a peaceful University.  I am a keen observer of the Vice-Chancellor’s tenure.  You have put in place, institutional structures that will live after you”, he declared.


Mr. Babalola had earlier enjoined members of the University to exercise their civic right during the electioneering period by casting their votes for the candidates of their choice.


He counseled them to be mindful of the various regulations and guidelines, on the conduct of the elections, saying some of them were deliberately put in place to curb tendencies of malpractice by some selfish politicians.



Register your Intellectual Property — IFSERAR Counsels UNAAB Staff

Members of the University Community have been called upon to obtain patents for their intellectual properties that were yet to be registered.
A release from the Schedule Officer of the National Office of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), Dr. (Mrs.) I.O Taiwo, urged members of the University community, especially Academic and Technology staff, to obtain Patent Specification Forms and Application for Patent Forms from NOTAP Office, located in the Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR), of the University.
The release reminded members of the University community of the importance of the Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer, stressing the urgent need to obtain patents for any Intellectual Property that has not been registered.
It explained that “Intellectual Property refers to the ideas, thoughts or products of a person’s intellectual efforts, noting that it is intangible and un-recognized, when it is undisclosed”   
According to the release, “Once it is expressed in tangible form it can be protected by law. Some of the intellectual property includes written materials, new plant or animal variety and biotechnology innovation”.

Tariff-Friendly Glo Package Enters UNAAB

A tariff-friendly and cost effective mobile telecoms package is now available in the University, courtesy the Glo Mobile.
Known as “Close-User-Group” (CUG), the telecom package aims at integrating mobile networks among members of the University Community, including staff and students, as well as interested family members and friends.
The package will enable subscribers within the group to call one another, irrespective of talk–time, free of charge, upon the purchase of a one-off N2,000 Sim Card and a monthly service fee of N1, 000 per subscriber.
Benefits of the telecom package include a reduction of tariff as low as N18 from Glo to other networks, N12 from Glo to other Glo numbers outside the CUG, on weekdays and N10 from Glo to other networks during off-peak and weekends.
Interested Members of Staff and Students are expected to register at the Front Office of the Directorate of Public Relations or with College Officers at the various Colleges of the University.

NUGA: UNAAB Climbs Medals Table

Nigeria University Games (NUGA) ended last Saturday with the contingent of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB) making impressive show on the Medals Table.
At the end of the 7-Day Sports fiesta, UNAAB hauled in 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze Medals.
According to the result issued by UNAAB’s Chairman of Sports, Dr Sam Wobo, a 200 Level Statistic Student, College of Natural Sciences (COLNAS), Miss Aramide Opeyemi Secured the only Gold for the University at the tournament.
Adeniyi Akindele, Obokoadate Ufuoma, Aina Taiwo and Agbaje Kazeem got Silver for the Institution in the Table Tennis men’s team, while the duo of Naomi Oyinloye and Awoyale Tinuke attracted Silver in Badminton women doubles.
Three Bronze Medals were recorded also in Table Tennis while the remaining three Bronze Medals came from Squash Women Singles, Badminton Women Doubles and Hockey Men.

Why We Combined Convocation Ceremonies .. Non commissioning of Projects - VC

The Vice—Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun speaking at the just concluded 18th and 19th Combined Convocation Ceremonies.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, has explained the reason behind combining the 18th and 19th Convocation Ceremonies of the University, as was held penultimate Saturday.
Besides, he also gave reason why new projects that have been completed, were not commissioned during the Convocation ceremonies.
Professor Balogun, in his Convocation Address explained that “most Nigerian Universities, including UNAAB could not conduct the 2008/2009 Convocation, in most Federal Universities, owing largely to industrial dispute by all Unions of Universities and the attendant disruptions to a smooth Academic Calendar.  It is for this reason that we are today witnessing a Combined Convocation of the 2008/2009 and the regular 2009/2010 Academic Sessions”.
On his part, Professor Balogun said his administration, in the last four years has ensured peace and tranquillity on Campus, through prompt response to the critical requirements of the University, particularly on issues concerning the welfare of staff and students.
Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor, while answering questions at the Convocation Press Briefing, explained the rationale behind the non-commissioning of projects during the last Convocation. The Vice-Chancellor said, “We will not want the Convocation ceremony to overshadow the event of commissioning, so there is need for a separate day for the commissioning of these laudable projects”.
Professor Balogun assured that arrangement would be made to draw a befitting programme for the commissioning of the various projects soon, but however appealed to the Federal Government to release the balance of the 2010 Capital grant to Universities, in order to forestall incidences of abandoned projects.

COBFAS: Students Leave Campus Amid Excitement

Students with their luggage ready to leave for the Iwoye—Ketu COBFAS Community.

The last set of the pioneer batch of the University’s newly introduced Community-Based Farming Scheme (COBFAS) last Wednesday, left the campus, enroute Iwoye-ketu, Imeko-Afon Local Government, Ogun State for their Farm Practical Year (FPY), amid excitement and determination to excel.
The students, who had converged as early as 8.30am in front of the Bio-Tech Centre, came with their luggage, personal effects and farming tools.
They were seen exchanging banters and exuding confidence while milling around three 35-Seater buses, one (1) 75 Seater-bus and a Van which was waiting to convey them to Iwoye-ketu
Speaking with UNAAB Bulletin, a 400-Level Animal Nutrition’s student, Babalola Olabisi, described the Scheme as a welcome development.
Babalola expressed her readiness to participate in the scheme, saying she was well-equipped and anxious of rural experiences that await her, during the practicals.
Corroborating her, a 400-Level Agricultural Extension and Rural Development’s student, Adedeji Babatunde, said the Scheme will further expose him to the practical aspect of his study.
Speaking in the same vein, a 400-Level Horticulture student, Aminat Omolara Bamgbopa, said aside the advantage of changing her environment, the Scheme will enable her to practicalise what she had been taught, in a traditional farming environment.
The Director, Management Committee on Transportation (MANCOT), Dr. Joe Atungwu, who was on ground to supervise the movement of the students to Iwoye-Ketu, said transporting the students to the COBFAS communities would be without hitch, considering the adequate arrangement put in place by the Management.
According to him, “we have been lifting our students, (so to say) and their luggage to the last pin successfully because we have adequate vehicles and good logistic support”.
The first set (Batch A) of the COBFAS pioneer students had on Monday, earlier left for Odogbolu, Ode-Lemo and Isaga-Orile communities. Feelers from the communities informed that the students were adjusting well to the rural life and have settled down for the scheme.
Commenting later, the Director of COBFAS, Professor Kolawole Salako, assured of the safety of the students, disclosing that prior to their departure, an advance COBFAS Team met with traditional rulers and Community Development Associations of the various communities, who had assured of the students’ safety and well being.
Besides, Prof. Salako, a Soil Physicist, said the students had been properly admonished to respect the customs and traditions of the communities and be friendly with the indigenes.


The Ogun State Director of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Sola Babalola, will pay a Working visit to the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB), tomorrow, Thursday, March 31, 2011.

The visit is part of the Agency's efforts to ensure that stakeholders in the electoral process work together for the attainment of free, fair, credible and hitch-free elections, commencing this weekend, throughout the country.

The Director is expected to meet with Principal Officers, Deans and Directors, Head of Departments/Units as well as Executive Officers and representatives of Staff and Student bodies.

The venue of the visit is the Senate Chamber at 9.30a.m.

Members of the University Community, particularly all aforementioned personalities, are implored take note.

Behold: The Story of UNAAB’s 2009/2010 Overall Best Student

Mr. Lawal Akinyanju sharing the experience of his tortuous
journey to academic excellence

The University’s combined 18th and 19th Convocation Ceremonies held penultimate Saturday, witnessed an emotional twist when the Overall Best Graduating Student for the 2009/2010 Academic Session, Mr. Lawal Akinyanju Raman, gave a narrative of how he fought academic tardiness and poverty, to emerge a genius.
Dignitaries and guests, including the Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayyat Ahmed Rufa’i, listened with rapt attention to Lawal’s ordeal of a turbulent academic journey, delivered in an emotional laden voice, as he presented his Valedictory Speech.
Lawal recounted how he failed thrice to gain admission into the University due to either poor performance or financial constraint.
According to him, poor performance at the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examinations prevented him from gaining admission into Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho (LAUTECH) while financial constraint hindered him from accepting an offer into Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye (OOU) and the Lagos State University (LASU), successively.
As if those were not enough, Lawal who graduated from the Department of Animal Production and Health, College of Animal Science and Livestock Production (COLANIM), with a CGPA of 4.78, said his father had to sell the roofing sheets meant for his building project, to pay his school fee, when UNAAB eventually offered him admission for its Pre-degree programme.
Lawal further revealed that his father resorted to selling his vehicle to pay his fee when he was admitted into the 100 Level to study Animal Production and Health.
Far back into his Secondary School days, Lawal disclosed that he could not read English textbooks until he got to JSS2 where he was the ‘chairman of back-benchers’ in his class, for being a dullard.

Lawal stressed that the situation became worrisome, such that he emerged 56th out of 58 students during a JSS1 examination. He said out of sympathy, he was promoted to JSS3 on trial, while he wrote Junior WAEC twice and repeated, culminating in his repeating JSS3.
However, Lawal said his turning point came, when he resolved to reverse his academic ordeal while repeating JSS3, as he emerged 10th position (1st Term), 6th position (2nd Term) and 5th position (3rd Term).
Since that time, the First Class Graduate said he has since been leading his class, winning laurels and honoured with prefect-ship, until the ‘icing on the cake, his emergence as UNAAB’s 2009/2010 Session’s Overall Best Graduating Student.
“Today, Mr Chancellor Sir, I am grateful to the Lord that I was able to fulfil my dream as a boy of nothing at the start who has eventually become a man of something”, he declared.
He admonished fellow youths, especially undergraduates, never to give up but to always persevere and be determined to succeed.

UNAAB to Host NATRESL Conference

The University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB), has been selected to host the 7th Annual National Conference of the National Association of Teachers and Researchers in English as a Second Language (NATRESL).

In a release, the Acting Head of Department, Communication and General Studies, Dr. (Mrs.) B.S Sotiloye, stated that the Conference is fixed for July 12 - 15, 2011.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun is expected to declare the Conference open.

Calls for Research Grants, Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships

The Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology (HRST), African Union Commission, in collaboration with its European Union Development partners has called for application for its newly-developed Research Grants.

The grants are focused on three priority and thematic areas, namely: Post-Harvest and Agriculture; Renewable and Sustainable Energy and Water and Sanitation as articulated in Africa’s Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA), as well as the Lighthouse Projects.

Interested applicants are to follow any of the following links, to apply:;; and

Similarly, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) is accepting applications for its Postgraduate, Postdoctoral, visiting scholars and advanced research fellowship programmes.
The schemes represent a great opportunity for scientists and researchers interested at enhancing their scientific knowledge.

Available fields of offer include: Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Physics.

For more information, including eligibility criteria, deadlines, among others, applicants are to download application forms at

Also, the Perdana Post Doctoral Research Fellowship, as offered by the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is searching for excellent personnel in research and development to support the scientific enterprise in the Malaysian research environment.

Eligible candidates must possess Ph. D with research experience at the University level for at least, three to five years.

Interested applicants are to send their Curriculum Vitae with summary of past accomplishments; brief research proposal (maximum, 2 single-spaced pages) with research title and stated field of specialization; with two reference letters (excluding the supervisors) to:The Dean,
Institute of Postgraduate Studies,
Universiti Sains Malaysia ,
11800 USM,
Penang, Malaysia,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The closing date for application is April 15, 2011.

UNAAB Produces 52 First Class Graduates

The 18th and 19th Combined Convocation and Honorary Awards Ceremonies of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, took place last Saturday amid pomp and pageantry at its Convocation Grounds.

A breakdown of the graduands showed that 2,967 students graduated with Bachelor’s Degrees; 1,395 for 2008/2009 and 1,572 for 2009/2010 Sessions, respectively.

Of these, a total of 52 graduated with First Class Honours Degree, while 1,014 bagged Second Class Upper Division and1,381 had Second Class Lower Division.

The breakdown reflected 443 Third Class and 29 Pass degrees.


The Chancellor of the University and the Asagba of  Asaba, Obi (Prof.) Chike Edozien

The Chancellor of the University, Obi (Prof.) Chike Edozien, has inspected some of the on-going projects in the University.

The Chancellor, who is also the Asagba of Asaba inspected nine, of the on-going projects in company of the Deputy Director of Physical Planning, Architect Babatunde Anasanwo.

The projects inspected were the 2,500-capacity auditorium, the Unity buildings, new Female Hostels, Postgraduate School building and the International Scholars’ Resources’ Centre.

Others places visited included the Farm Centre, Institute for Human Resources and Development (INHURD), the under-construction Lodges for the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor as well as the Bukateria buildings.

The Chancellor, who was accompanied on the trip by his wife, HRM Modupe Edozien, could not hide his admiration of the relentlessness of the present administration in the development of the University.

According to Obi Edozien, “I am always delighted to visit the University, as each visit reveals new improvement and development”.

VC Reiterates Commitment To UNAAB’s Development

The University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, has reiterated his determination to make the institution a model among its contemporaries.

The Vice-Chancellor gave the pledge during his Press Briefing, heralding the 18th and 19th Combined Convocation Ceremonies of the University.

Professor Balogun noted that 65 different projects, designed to positively impact on both educational and social programmes of the University, were concurrently being executed under the 2011 capital project scheme.

He however appealed to the Federal Government to release the balance of the last year’s Capital Grants to Universities in the country in order to further boost educational development and forestall incidences of abandoned projects across Campuses.

The Vice-Chancellor disclosed that a total of 2,967, comprising of 1,395 graduands for the 2008/2009 academic session and 1,572 graduands for the 2009/2010 academic session, would be graduated. He also said that the University was able to produce 29 postgraduate diplomas, 107 Masters, 20 MBA (Agribusiness), 16 Masters in ICT and 47 Doctorate degree graduands.


UNAAB Vice-Chancello   

On behalf of the Governing Council, Management, Senate, Staff and Students of the University, I express my profound gratitude and deep-hearted appreciation of your invaluable support and encouragement that had once again, resulted in the resounding success of our 18th and 19th Combined Convocation Ceremonies. Your sacrifices at all times have proven to be the required catalysts that sustain our development trajectory and uphold our banner of excellence. Permit me to add that nothing shall by any means compromise or erode the confidence you reposed in us, as we strive to deliver always, on our educational and social mandates. Thank you. Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun Vice-Chancellor

UNESCO Vacancy Announcement

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Nairobi, requires the services of a Consultant Programme Specialist in Ecology.

The Consultancy appointment is meant to last for a period of six months, under the supervision of the Director of UNESCO-ROSTA.

Interested applicants are required to possess proven ability in the use of various types of computer software for information networking process, excellent knowledge of English and French, among others.

The applicant must also possess advanced University Degree, preferably at the Doctorate level, in Environmental Sciences field or relevant Social or Human Science with the knowledge of UNESCO Natural Science Programme.

Interested applicants should send their Curriculum Vitae (CV), to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 30, 2011.

Nigerians should not be complacent - Utomi

The Guest Lecturer, Prof. Pat Utomi while delivering his lecture at the Julius Okojie Lecture Theatre

The Founding Senior Faculty of the Lagos Business School, Professor Utomi has admonished Nigerians to challenge bad governance.

Professor Utomi who made the call while delivering the Convocation Lecture of the University, last Friday, said Nigerians should no longer be complacent, but demand from their leaders, stewardship and accountability.

“It is not politics but culture, which shapes the country, wealth without work is what everyone wants. Everyone wants a 4-wheel drive but nobody wants to work”, the Political Economist stated. 

In his Lecture, titled, Education, Institutions and Nation Building, Prof. Utomi said the quest for the preparation of men and women to the highest levels of development required a sound education.

The don bemoaned indiscriminate award of honorary degrees on questionable people by Universities, wondering whether the purpose for the conferment of such degrees was still relevant.
The Lecturer called on Government and relevant institutions to curb the high incidence of cultism, examination malpractices, misconduct and other vices plaguing the nation’s educational institutions.

In his remarks, the Emeritus  Professor of Medicine of the University of Ibadan, Prof. Oladipupo Akinkugbe, who was the Chairman at the occasion, described Professor Pat Utomi as a “political iconoclast who acts what he preaches”.

Professor Akinkugbe lauded UNAAB’s Management for running a University “that everyone is proud of”.  
He equally showered encomiums on the Chancellor of the University, Obi (Prof.) Chike Edozie, the Asagba of Asaba, whom he said was his Dean of Faculty, 45 years ago when he was a young Lecturer at the University of Ibadan.

Speaking earlier, the Vice – Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun said the University was convinced that initiating public discourse was part of its social responsibility mandate of contributing to national development through the enthronement of a platform for intellectual, constructive and productive debates, capable of illuminating the nation’s path to accelerated growth and self-sustenance. 

Professor Balogun added that the academic was genuinely worried and anxious of the need for the country to be
liberated from her present state of less-fancied growth and development.

He therefore assured that the University would not limit its revival intervention for the nation, to food sufficiency and poverty alleviation alone, but also leading the vanguard for intellectual diagnosis of its socio-political and economic fabrics.

18TH & 19TH Combined Convocation Ceremonies UNAAB Should Diversify Now –President

Representative of the Visitor, the Honorable Minister of Education, Prof. (Mrs.) Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa’i (Left) with the Vice-Chanellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun

The President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has given the go-ahead for the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, to widen its scope of academic programmes, immediately.
The President, who is the Visitor to the University gave the nod in his speech at the 18th and 19th Combined Convocation Ceremonies of the University, last Saturday, in Abeokuta.

Speaking through the Minister of Education, Prof. (Mrs.) Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa’i, Dr. Jonathan mandated the University and others in its category to review their academic curricula, saying, “I encourage the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and others in its category that is currently operating as specialized institutions, to diversify and expand their operational boundaries”.

The President said the call became imperative, as the country would require to overhaul its higher education system, if it intends to free itself from the shackles of underdevelopment and upturn the myriad of social malaise that had hitherto contributed to its impoverishment in critical areas of development”.

According to Dr. Jonathan, “For our country to free itself from the shackles of underdevelopment, upturn the myriad of social malaise that had hitherto contributed to our impoverishment in critical areas of development, it is imperative that our higher educational system must be completely overhauled and made once more potent as a virile tool for advancement.

As such the establishment and existence of Universities in the country should no longer be seen as serving parochial interests of political patronage or for pecuniary benefits, but rather on the merit of their value addition to meaningful socio-economic re-awakening”.

Dr. Jonathan reiterated the value his administration placed on the re-engineering of the nation’s educational sector, particularly the Universities, as a deliberate effort of ensuring unrestricted access to education.

He therefore charged that the expansion of the curricula scope of the University should be done in such a way that can facilitate adequate cultivation of the vast academic potentials of the youths, thereby improving on human resource development for optimal productivity.

The Visitor further challenged Universities to justify the huge Government’s investment on them, “by ensuring a responsive educational regime capable of contributing to developmental innovation, enhanced manpower and economic growth”.

While congratulating the graduands, the President admonished the students and youths, not to yield to the deceits of misguided elements that may wish to subvert the will of the people, during the forthcoming general elections.

In his speech at the Convocation, the Chancellor and Asagba of Asaba, Obi (Prof.) Chike Edozien, lauded the phenomenal growth recorded by the University within the last three years, describing it as unprecedented in the annals of the institution.

UNAAB Matriculates 2010/2011 Part-Time Students

Some of  the 2010/2011 Part-Time Matriculating Students taking their oath

A total of one hundred and eighty-six students have matriculated for the Part-Time Degree programmes of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta  for the 2010/2011 Academic Session.

Addressing the matriculating students, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, represented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof. Chryss Onwuka, enjoined them to uphold the integrity of the University in all their endeavours, both within and outside the campus.

Prof. Balogun challenged the matriculating students to see their admission into the University as an opportunity to make the very best out of their academic careers.

He advised them to shun cultism and examination malpractices, as the University has zero tolerance for such vices and will, therefore, not hesitate to expel any students found violating laws.

In his usual manner of fostering good rapport with the students, the Vice-Chancellor freely gave out his telephone number.

UNAAB Students To Get Split Degrees

The Director, Centre for Internationalization and Partnerships (CENIP), Dr. Olukayode Akinyemi in a chat with UNAAB  Bulletin Crew in his office

300 level students of Science and Engineering in the University of Agriculture , Abeokuta (UNAAB), with high Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will now enjoy Split Degrees.

This was disclosed by the Director, Centre for Internationalization and Partnerships (CENIP) of the University, Dr. Kayode Akinyemi, during a brief chat with UNAAB Bulletin crew, in his office.

Dr. Akinyemi said Split Degree System will involve establishing linkages between UNAAB, University of Leeds and Coventry University, United Kingdom .
The Director disclosed that students, when they get to 300 level in UNAAB will have the opportunity of completing their programmes at the University of Leeds, if they are Science degree undergraduates while those in Engineering will be opportuned to complete theirs in the Coventry University.

“At the end of their programmes, Science students will obtain University of Leeds ' Certificates and Engineering students will obtain Coventry University Certificate”, he said.

He noted that the Signing of Agreement between UNAAB and University of Leeds had reached an advanced stage while that of Coventry is yet to reach that level.

The Director noted that till date, 42 members of staff had gone for international trainings in United Arab Emirate,  United Kingdom, South Africa and Israel, through CENIP, hoping that in the next three months, 18 members of staff would also have attended different training programmes, which will help them increase their level of exposure in their chosen fields.

He also reiterated Management’s position of sending at least, 15 members of staff, every quarter for foreign training, saying this will help bring about higher productivity.

On the University Foreign African Scholarship Scheme (UFASS), Dr. Akinyemi made it known that the University had received another international student from Sierra Leone, Mr. Paul Bangura, the first international postgraduate student, under the scheme.

The programme had put UNAAB on a global limelight, for being the first University to do so in Nigeria, which is solely sponsored by the University.

To reduce the burden on the University, Dr. Akinyemi disclosed that the University was taking steps in collaborating with the African Union (AU) and other international bodies in sponsoring the Scheme.
“At the end of UFASS programmes, beneficiaries will have the opportunity of becoming employers of labours in their countries. Not only that, some of our Academic and Non-Teaching Staff will also have the opportunity of going to these countries, in order to add value to their Universities in the area of teaching, research and extension services after the current academic session with the full support of the Vice-Chancellor”, he added.

Dr. Akinyemi stated that UNAAB’s template for ETF Conference attendance had become a standard for other Universities in Nigeria to adopt, of which the Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Professor Julius Okojie applauded.

EMT Gets Donation

Left: Prof. Kayode Bamgbose, displaying the television set after making his presentation to the Dean, College of Environmental Resources and Management (COLERM), Prof. T. A. Arowolo (1st right)

The University’s Director of Entrepreneurial Skill Centre, Professor Olukayode Bamgbose has donated a 21-inch Colour TV alongside a DSTV Machine to the Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology, College of Environmental Resources and Management (COLERM) of the University.

Speaking at the presentation, Dean of COLERM, Prof. T. A. Arowolo said that it was the first time, in the history of the University that an Academic Staff will be presenting a gift to his Department or College.    

He commended the don and called on others to emulate the gesture.

Speaking on the donation, the Head, EMT Department, Dr. Adewole Gbadebo said he saw the donation as an innovative idea that will go a long way at encouraging other staff in the department to give generously.

He lauded Professor Bamgbose for being supportive to the cause of the Department. For instance, while he was on Sabbatical Leave, due to the pressure of work and inadequacy of Academic Staff in the department, he was always coming, on weekends, to teach 300 and 500 level students, he added.

Dr. Gbadebo said that in 2001, Prof. Bamgbose made donations to lecturers and that now, it was the turn of his department.

Responding to the encomiums showered on him, Professor Bamgbose thanked members of staff of the department for their support, saying that no matter how little, he had always believed in ploughing back something into the department, as a way of showing his appreciation.

UNAAB Warms Up For VC 4th Anniversary

Preparations for the celebration of the fourth year anniversary in office of the Vice-Chancellor, University of Agriculture , Abeokuta , Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun has commenced with the re-appointment of  the Committee that handled a similar task, last year.  
The Committee is headed by Professor Oluwole Oduguwa of the College of Animal Science and Livestock Production (COLANIM), with membership drawn from all the relevant segments of the University.

VC Hands Over Brand New Vehicles To COBFAS, Others

Moment of Admiration: The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun (arrowed) with  Principal Officers, University staff and beneficiaries of the new vehicles admiring  one of them

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun has officially handed over six, brand new vehicles to the Community-Based Farming Scheme (COBFAS), as a means of boosting the Farm Settlement Practice, which the students usually engage in during their Farm Practical Year (FPY), in the four geo-political zones of Ogun State.
At the handing-over ceremony, Prof. Balogun said two, additional brand new vehicles will be acquired and handed over to the Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies.

He disclosed that since the inception of the current administration, UNAAB had been blessed with Management Committee on Transportation (MANCOT) and the Student Affairs Unit were other beneficiaries of the brand new buses, as they got one, each.

UNAAB To Honour Alake, Jamodu

All is now set for the 18th and 19th Combined Convocation Ceremonies of the University of Agriculture , Abeokuta (UNAAB), scheduled to kick-start on Wednesday, March 16, 2011.
A release from the Ceremonials’ Committee of the University, stated that the Convocation Ceremonies will begin with a Press Briefing at 10.00 a.m. in the University’s Senate Chamber.
On Friday, March 18, 2011 at 3.00 p.m., the Convocation Lecture will take place.  The topic of the lecture is “Education, Institutions and Nation Building ”  and will be delivered by Professor Pat Utomi, Director, Pan African University , Lagos under the Chairmanship of Professor Olu Akinkugbe, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and former Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin .

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, the University will confer Honorary Doctorate Degrees on the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo and Chief Kolawole Jamodu, a former Minister of industry.

Conferment of First Degrees, Post-graduates Diplomas and Higher degrees will also take place.

UNAAB 18TH & 19TH Combined Convocation Holds Saturday - Convocation Lecture on Friday

The University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Abeokuta (UNAAB) 18th & 19th Combined Convocation Ceremonies for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees, Admission to First and Higher Degrees and Presentation of Prizes will hold on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at the UNAAB Convocation Grounds by 10:00 a.m. prompt, (Guests are requested to be seated 9.30 a.m.)

According to the Director of Academic Planning, Professor M. A. Waheed, 1,512 and 231 graduands will receive their Bachelor and Postgraduate Degrees respectively, at the Ceremonies.

The Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, HRM Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, and the President, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and former Minister of Industry, Chief Kola Jamodu will be conferred with the University’s Honorary Doctor of Science and  Agriculture Degrees, respectively.
The Ceremonies will be preceeded with the Convocation Lecture on Friday, March 18, 2011 at Julius Okojie Lecture Theatre Complex by 3.00 p.m. under the Chairmanship of the Chairman, Board of Trustees, Bells University of Technology, Otta and Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Professor Oladipo O. Akinkugbe.

The Convocation Lecturer, Professor Pat Utomi of the famous Lagos Business School will delivered a Lecture titled, “The Nigerian Education System and Nation Building”.  Guests are requested to be seated by 2:30 p.m.



The Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo in a cheerful mood with
the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun during a visit to the Monarch.

The Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, has showered the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, with royal commendations, for a job well done, since he assumed office.

Though the occasion was a courtesy call on the monarch by the members of the Presidential Visitation Panel to UNAAB, Oba Gbadebo could not hide his admiration for Professor Balogun, who guided the Panel to the palace, saying his record of achievements since he assumed office, over three years ago, was unprecedented in the history of the University.

Ake Palace literarily stood still for the Vice-Chancellor when the Royal Father, who spoke as the “representative of the host community”, declared thus:

“I especially wish to place on records and appreciate the sterling qualities of the incumbent Vice-Chancellor of the University, who since the inception of his administration has left nobody in doubt as to his unalloyed commitment to take the institution to greater realms of excellence".

Oba Gbadebo, who is known for not mincing words, thanked the Presidency for giving UNAAB, Professor Balogun, whom he described as “a visionary administrator whose deftness and outstanding leadership acumen, unambiguously distinguished him as being primus inter pares”.

The Paramount Ruler, who expressed joy over the development and progress of UNAAB, passed “a vote of great confidence on the quality execution of its (UNAAB) mandate of research, teaching and extension”.

He stressed, “We are especially delighted at its record of achievements of an unprecedented employment generation for the educated, artisans and youth generally.  As such, the University holds a pride of place in the heart of every Egba indigene, both at home and in the Diaspora”.

Responding, while giving a vote of thanks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, thanked the Paramount Ruler for his usual prompt response to the University's clarion calls, even at a short notice.

He stated that Oba Gbadebo's favourable disposition to the University, underscored the enviable, harmonious relationship between the academic community and its host.

Prof. Balogun pointed out that Oba Gbadebo's ‘fatherly’ role had helped greatly in moving the University to greater heights while his Olori (Queen), had equally proven to be an exemplary mother to both students and staff of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor also thanked Egba High Chiefs for gracing University events and more importantly, for always being at the palace to receive UNAAB team whenever it is visiting.





The Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo (Centre), The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun (4th left) in a group photograph with the Presidential Visitation Panel at  Ake Palace, Abeokuta


The Chairman and Members of the Presidential Visitation Panel to the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB), were treated to a pomp and royal welcome by the Alake of Egbland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gabdebo, Okukenu IV, and his High Chiefs, at the  Ake Palace, Ake, Abeokuta.

The Visitation Panel, which arrived Ake Palace in a convoy of vehicles at 9:40am, was accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun; the Acting Registrar, Mr. Adeleke Adeboye and the Deputy Registrar, EoIpage=" tir Ake e Palace infrind)Adels. 18,inevPop=no

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