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FUNIS Holds World Savings, Violence Against Women Programmes

As part of initiatives to inculcate the habit of savings among the adolescence as well as draw the attention of members of the public to the importance of saving, the UNAAB Microfinance Bank Limited (UMFB), in conjunction with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), recently celebrated the World Savings Day with a programme for students of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, International School (FUNIS).
Speaking at the occasion themed, “Creating a Savings Habit”, the Managing Director of UMFB, Mr. Adewale Abimbola, highlighted the meaning, merits and types of savings that exist. He further enlightened the students on where and how to save their money, as he used the occasion to allay people’s fears on the possible distress in the nation’s banks, assuring all that UMFB had been adequately insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), in case of eventualities that could arise.
He added that UMFB was involved as part of its corporate social responsibility programmes, while carrying out the ‘Financial Inclusion Campaign for Secondary School Students’. He noted that saving was an important part of financial security, which was the focus of the 2016 World Savings Day celebration. The Principal of FUNIS, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Juba, who was represented at the event by the Vice-Principal, Mrs. Emily Okpete, stated that it was imperative for students to be financially-literate, advising that whatever that had been learnt during the occasion should be put into optimal use. The World Savings Day was established by the World Society of Savings Banks in Milan, Italy in 1924.
In another development, FUNIS hosted senior members of the Ogun State Girls’ Guides Association at a programme, led by the State Commissioner, Mrs. Juliana Aluko. The theme for the occasion was, “Violence Against Women”, while the Guest Speaker was Dr. Elizabeth Oluwalana of the Agricultural Media Resources Centre (AMREC) of the University. According to Dr. Oluwalana, school pupils should be fair, just and satisfied in all they do and avoid being enticed with material things. She also stressed the need for them to always have positive and entrepreneurial mindsets to enable them be truly independent in life.
The Principal of FUNIS, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Juba, pointed out that though the theme for the event was focused on the female gender, the males should not be left out because they are also exposed, prone to violations and other forms of violence, as she admonished all not to give anybody an opportunity to inflict harm on them through acts of violence, harassment, abuse or molestation. She noted further that when people protect themselves, they in turn, get to protect by others; either directly or indirectly, while encouraging members of the Girls’ Guides Association to speak up, walk freely and by so doing, they would have rid themselves of any trauma. She admonished parents to train their children and wards by speaking freely and sharing issues with them, stressing that children should be taught sex education.
The Association’s Divisional Commissioner in Abeokuta South, Mrs. Olabisi Taiwo, also admonished girls to report any form of abuse inflicted on them by anyone to their parents or relevant authorities. Similarly, Mrs. Oluwakemi Shittu, a guide-trainer in Ogun State disclosed that police stations now have a department, which is headed by a female officer that handles cases of abuse and molestation, urging victims to feel free to report any attacks. Responding to a question, Mrs. Shittu admitted that boys and girls could play a part in discouraging violence against women - both in word and in action - such as wearing of tags or shirts that clearly suggest that they are against any form of violence against women.

The Head, Directorate of Public Relations of FUNAAB, Mrs. Emi’ Alawode, who was represented at the occasion by Mrs. Rosemary Egbuonu, corroborated Mrs. Olabisi Taiwo’s point on how to curb abuse, adding that girls should avoid dressing up in the midst of just anyone, while charging parents to prevent doing such in front of young /th8.jpgepartment, which to reid dralass=458" h*how bodydst ly sid drse, a against w beidings women.2016<5was the focus ofional School (estaevent wah Oma, div#j an Against Women”, whist ly sulma, deion parenesources thes estwas the focuheliov#jDec1610p> block" cgind