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Conference Attendance
Conference Attendance Grant is an intervention grant offered by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) and open for utilization by Academic and Non-Teaching Staff of Nigerian Higher Education Institution for conference and workshop attendance.
The Call

All Academic and Non-Teaching Staff are hereby invited to compete for the 2015/2016 Conference Attendance Grants.


The Grant is meant to support Academic staff of the University to attend Local/Overseas Conferences organized by Academic Institutions, Learned Societies and reputable Professional Bodies and not predatory conferences, while Non-Teaching staff can only attend Local/Overseas Workshops that are relevant to their current designation (i.e Professional body). Duration of the conference/workshop must not exceed 5 days.


 Suitably qualified applicants must have letters of invitation for  the Conference/workshop which is of direct relevance to the applicant's professional line. In addition, applicants must ensure that the Conference/workshop will be coming up not earlier than October, 2017.  Staff who have not benefited from the grant in the past will be given preference. While applications do not guarantee approval, applicants will be expected to agree with the final decision of the University Staff Development Committee who is administering the grant on behalf of the University Management.

Method of Application

Applicants seeking TETFund grant for Conference Attendance shall fill a prescribed form (see your HODs and HOUs for collection of the forms). Also, an exchange rate of N400 to a Dollar should be STRICTLY USED  and the following documents should be provided:

i.  Letter of Invitation (COMPULSORY FOR ALL STAFF)

ii  Letter of Acceptance and Abstract of paper to be presented (COMPULSORY FOR ALL ACADEMIC STAFF)

iii. Copy of Abstract of Paper to be presented

iv. Conference (for academic) and Workshop (for non-teaching) Announcement indicating the following:

-      Address of Venue

-      Name(s) of Contact Person(s)

-      Phone number(s) of Contact person(s)

-      Web page of the Conference/Workshop

-      E-mail address

-      Cost of Registration (Must not exceed N100,000.00 for conferences in Nigeria and $500 for conferences abroad)

-      Cost of Return Flight Ticket

-      Cost of Accommodation

-      Cost of Feeding

-      Cost of Excursion (if any)

The applications should be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor through the Director, CENIP and submitted to the Centre not later than thirty (30) working days from the date of this announcement (i.e. Monday, 20th March, 2017).