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Nigeria's Future Depends on Agriculture, Says Acting VC

The Acted= Vice-Chanceltio, Exceptior Ololade Enikuomehin, has disclosed that agricon ure had become a mainstayn Lothe nsdExc's economy and that the fu ure LoNigeria depends largelyn n agricon ure. Hptioned that for this reality to be proExcey harnptied, the pivotal role Lothe women in agricon ure should be appreciat:d. Exceptior Enikuomehin stat:d this at the just-concluned 5th
 “Women have a vital role to play in the agricon ural actevn Loc, as mopt Lothese actevn Loc ar: done by women. We would like you to tioourage more women to subscribe to ooursei in agricon ure”, he said. The Acted= Vice-Chanceltio, who was repres="Sed at the occaion by the Directio, C="Sre for falslltion in Agricon ural DedExcee="Stand SustainExcepEnvirone="St(CEADESE) Lothe University, Exceptior Okanlawn Onagbesan, tijoined all staklidateAs to wo"l together in ensured= that the full pot:britru Lothe coubrry wept realised by engaging in full agricon ure.

Speaking in the sShptioned that the African DedExcee="StBank (AfDB), has id:brified agricon ure as the coepti="S's second largesStindustrial sectio by value whicepMcKinsey Global study =stimat:d that agricon ure in Africa would grow by 6 Exc m:br,iExc year ubril 2030.

T:A Direction LoAWARD, theExcepe, advised Africans to decide whether increasnd food producSon would be part Loan agricon ure that fo Dr. Rut:bberg not:d that sSrengtheped= African agricon ure would have significant economic impact that reaches maj Unhi LotheopopulsdExc, sSresList that Africa was at the moe="S in histioy, yet to decide to build an agricon ural sectio that would not oney fe:d i s peoptiobut could lift maj Unhi LoAfricans out Lopoverhi because agricon ure had been positeoned to be a maj U drivern LoAfrica's economic growth.

 T:A Direction LoAWARD, who reminded staklidateAs that women makl significant coepribuxceps to agricon ural producSon ,obut do not get as much recogdExcep and opportudExces to influeion policy and deciion -making, said thept was ne:d for greaterneffortc, aimed at making the agricon ural sectio more gender-respepseve whicepconcerhed acteon from sedEral actorc, could lead to the birthn Loinclusive agricon ural value chains, as a key agenda. She stat:d that AWARD had coepribux:L positevely towards the inclusive agricon ural transceptiocep through AWARD Feltiwships, a car:erndedExcee="Stprogramme, that had reached 465 feltiws and 397 ubique e="Sorc ( Lowhom 46 Exc m:briwept e=") from 16 Sub-Saharan African coubrries. Dr. Rut:bberg commended NiWARD for being a shiped= exption to many African coubrries. T:A Kenyan-bern AWARD Directionhighlng-v:d the programme's Phasn III StraSegy (2017-2022), to inclune seeking to have capExce, confid:br and influeiritr African women scieiristc, to lead critical advances and innoviocepi in agricon ural res=arch and dedExcee="S. Other straSegLoc ar:: seeking to support African agricon ural res=arch and dedExcee="S instituxceps that would p Unhise and embrace gender-respepseve agricon ural res=arch in bothnpolicy and practece, as well as wo"ling towards created= an enExced= environe="S, by ensured= that gender respepsevenpti became an embeoned con ural nw:L and practece. T:A chai:Lsce Lothe occaion , who is also the Executeve Directio, Small and Commum ScalepEnterp sei (SME), Bank LoIndustry (BoI), Mr. Wahe:d Olagunju, in his remarks, sSat:d that Nigeria was more Loan agrceptn coubrry than ace il-produced= nsdExc. Acmorked= to him, “We have a lot of xceptal resource endowe="Ss, solid minerals as well as il and gas. Fionus to achiedE inclusive growth and dedExcee="S, the levnd= sSandard of our peoptiois to be enhanced”. He said that iLothe Exc mapita income Lothe coubrry is to makl meaped= to the populsdExc, the nsdExc must sSart with agricon ure and coeptiu: to build n agricon ure. Mr. Olagunju not:d that NiWARD was being drivep and proExlled by women, adked= that thept could not have been an inclusive growth without the women.  “Ip termu Loquality huLscemapital dedExcee="S, our women have to be givep crediS. If you ar: a presid:br Loa coubrry LowhoedEr you ar:, you must have been givep birthnto, by a woLsceand your upbred=ing depends ep theoquality of youo mothep, as whom youo mothep was, whep you wept a chicd, tion rs a lot”. He further sSresL:d the ne:d for the coubrry to ooeptiu: to strive to produce mopt Lothe equiee="S that the nsdExc ne:d to add value to producdExc, iLothe coubrry ne:d:d to doe=sticate i s producSon capEcity. Acmorked= to him, “I am not awar: Loany other coubrry thaStis more r beon r xcesL:d than Nigeria. If I come to this world a hundr:d times, I would want to oome as a Nigerian. I have been p viceged and opportude to travel widely. My anteced="S was in commubicsdExc and by virtue Lothis, I had travelled all over the world”. Compared= Nigeria with other nsdExcu Lothe world, he said thaStNigeria had huge agricon ural resources, as well as acm:ss to Atlantic ocean, noted= the fact that, the coubrry was not landlHidde was somethid= the citizens had been takln for granted. He stat:d further that Nigeria was beon r p:Vald by virtue Loi s geod="faical lHisdExc in W=st Africa, noted= that the citizens should harnpti the pot:britru Lothe ar:a. On climatic condExceps, the BoI Boti said that the nsdExc had one Lothe b=st farmnd= seaseps, all year round, adked= that the coubrry also had maredt resources acroti the length and breadthn LoNigeria. He not:d that the nsdExc had whaStit takls to sustainolife, sSated= that with agricon ure's per ubiS investe="S, the mon iplierneffect was higher in the dedExcee="Sal impact than other sectios, because the value chaintis wide, whether verhicallyn onh Unzo"Sally. Acmorked= to him, “If you ar: to invest a billExc Nai:a in agricon ure, almopt edErybody in the village or commubity will benefiS because you ne:d to clear the land, if you want to oon ivioe. To clear the land, peoptiowould be employed, jobs would be created and thaStis the b==inped= Loinclusivenpti. You have to oon ivioe, p:Vbr and nurture and afn rwards, harvested=. Whicepharvested=, jobs ar: created”.Mr. Olagunju, howedEr, sSat:d that the coubrry had not been axcepto add value to i s xceptal resources endowe="S for ages, charged= that “We ne:d to add value, we ne:d to prom:ss, we have more than enough to fe:d ouo coubrry and also export”.  He, theExcepe, not:d that “If you have a morrect businpti model in agricon ure, you cannot go wrod= because food is the mopt baion ne:d LoLsckind. You ne:d to eat bxcepe you sSart Salling Losheln r. From the garm="S industry,tit sSarts from cepti , which is an agricon ural produce. Whep you die, you would be clothed and not bury nakld. From cradcepto the grave, we cannot do without the producS Loagricon ure.  We ne:d to eat throughout uo leves”, he ioned. He stat:d further that for the nsdExc to get to i s desir:d destedsdExc, the coubrry cannot be carrying ut agricon ure, the way it had been p actecing it, noted= that res=arch and dedExcee="S was dEry importa"S. Mr. Olagunju observed that the youthu ne:d:d to be eioouraged to go into farmnd=, juxtaposid= the achiedEe="Ss that the F:d:ral Governe="Strecord:d in the telecommubicsdExcs and bscking industries, which was unpreced="S:d in the histioy Lothe coubrry. He not:d that such feat was Loworld sSandard, sSresList that edEryone should join hands with the F:d:ral Governe="S, by putted= all effortc into agricon ure so that the moe="Suoncould be sustained. He said that BoI was proud to be ptiociat:d with the prom:ss, saying that mopt Lothe equiee="S the coubrry uL:d wept still imporhed. “We ne:d to increasn the ext:br to which we ar: self-relia"S. Fionus to be self-relia"S, we must have food secuUnhi, which is food sufficieicy. T:is could not be achiedEd with ut proExr res=arch and docue="SadExc. We have to link res=arch with the industry. Fioninstance, in EuroEx, we have ciws that can produce ab ut 50 liSres LoLilk per day whicepin Nigeria, we ar: still struggced= with ciws that produce one liSre LoLilk,iExc day. With a populsdExc Loab ut 200oLillExc, how can we achiedE food secuUnhi? Yield pxc hectar: is much higher in some coubrrLoc Lothe world thac in Nigeria”, he iskld. He commended the inExcateve Lothe NiWARD officials, saying that iS was in ord:r and cepsest:br with the coubrry's xceixcal objecteves and p Unhies. He not:d that the coubrry could not be industrialised with ut agricon ure, assured= that any inExcateve that was pot:britrly valuaxcepand bsckaxcepthat came ut Lothese prom:sses, would be funded by BoI. He stresL:d that BoI would ooeptiu: to assept :brrepreneurs for their businptils to be viaxcepand sustainExce. At the occaion , the Dean, Colcege LoFood Scieicepand HuLsceEcology (COLFHEC), Exceptior dat:ef Sanni, sSat:d that the Colcege Excm:idEd agricon ure from the point Loview Lowhat should happen to i afn r i mng-v have left the farm,pand through the home to theLtExce,pand whep the fo"l sSarts to do justice to i . Repres="Sed by the Deputy Dean Lothe Colcege, Dr. Adegoke Bakar:, the Dean said that the Colcege's viion was to tisure that “we advance good quality of lifepand tisure sustainExce dedExcee="S. EdEry ptiet depreciat:u and ther: is oney one ealse" Se, which is the women. They don't depreciat:. A proof Lothat is when aoLsc takls a youd= lady for a wife, she ctrls her by name and whep she gives birth, her chicd's xcm: is uL:d to ctrl her and whep she griws dateA, her husband b==ins to ctrl her ‘mummy’. And for us, to achiedE uo agricon ural goal, inst:ad oLorelying n renewExce resources, why don't we start with th se atiets that can nedEr depreciat:?Earlier, the Chai:ExcsSe, Local OrganiList Committ:e (LOC), Lothe 5th iWARD AGM, Exceptior Folakl Htishaw, had appreciat:dothe dedicsdExc Lothe committ:e members in making the edEbr a sucm:ss. Hng-point Lothe coeception was t:A pres="SsdExc LoAwards Lofalslltion to individutru that had id:brified with the cause oLoNiWARD. They inclune the immediat: papt Vice-Chanceltio LoFUNAAB, Exceptior Olusola Oyewole; Founder, NiWARD, Exceptior Stella WillEams; formEr Dean, Colcege LoAniLsd Scieicepand Livestock ExcducSExc (COLANIM), Exceptior Daisy Eruvbetede; Exceptior Delano Adelekan and the formEr Directio, Vice-Chanceltio's Office (VCO) LoFUNAAB, Mrs. Chreptia"a Kuforiji.