TETFUND Conference Attendance Intervention Grant

The University Management has called for staffers’ applications for the 2012 TETFUND Conference Attendance Intervention Fund.

A memo dated January 16, 2013 and signed by the Director, Centre for Internationalization and Partnerships (CENIP), Dr. Akeem Oyekanmi, stated that the TETFUND Conference Attendance Intervention Fund is available to support staff planning to attend International Conference.


Interested applicant have been advised to forward their application to the Vice-Chancellor through the Director, CENIP not later than fourteen (14) working days from the above stated date, in order to access the fund.

It was also advised that the proposed conferences do not come up less than four (4) months after submission of application.

In the same vein, members of the academic staff are informed that the 2012 TETTUND Academic Staff Training and Development (AST & D) Intervention Fund is available.

Interested Academic Staff with admission to pursue full time Ph.D training within or outside Nigeria is to apply for a “Full Time Ph.D Training” while those who are already pursuing their Ph.D degree programmes in Nigeria are to apply for the “Short Duration Doctoral Research”, a short duration bench work to give access to state-of-the-art facilities in pure and applied sciences.

Under the above (Academic Staff) category, it was stated that preference shall be given to candidates pursuing  Sciences, Technology and Engineering based courses.

All application should be accompanied with Curriculum Vitae, letter of Admission, Tuition and Living expenses and forwarded to the Director, CENIP on or before Tuesday, February 5, 2012.

The memo however, informed all applicants in all category that “a special Committee on Staff Training and Development will assess the application and make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor.