Vice-Chancellor’s Office

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor is the office of the Chief Executive of the University. The office oversees the administration of the entire University Community. The Vice-Chancellor’s office is as old as the University with the creation of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in January 1988 and the appointment of the Pioneer Vice-Chancellor, Professor N. O. Adedipe. The office started at the mini-campus, Isale-Igbein and moved to the permanent site in October, 1995.

The Vice-Chancellor’s office comprises the following units: the main office, which includes the Protocol and Public Relations Unit, Academic Planning Unit, Physical Planning Unit, Student Affairs Unit, Directorate of Internal Audit, Environmental Management Unit (EMU), and the Security Unit. The following unit have also been established within the Office of the Vice-Chancellor; Directorate of Students Maintenance Centre.


The main office of the Vice-Chancellor operates under the supervision of a Director. The office provides direct administrative support to the Vice-Chancellor in the task of coordinating the duties of the key administrative and academic officers who are responsible to the Vice-Chancellor.

The Public Relations Unit of the Vice-Chancellor’s office is the image maker of the University. It is concerned with the dissemination of information. The Public Relations Unit is responsible for creating tangible public relations and sustaining public understanding and support on a systematic basis for the University. The Unit is responsible for the facilitation of free flow of information between the University and its various publics. The Unit also strives to achieve in the area of stimulating a better understanding of the policies and character of the University with the community; creating public awareness of the University’s need for greater social and financial support on a regular basis; ensuring that the University as a corporate body, maintains cordial relations with its corporate and individual neighbours; creating and sustaining public awareness of the University’s enviable records and image of academic excellence and upholding positive media relations practice.

The Unit achieves these goals through its news flash, press releases and UNAAB News (a quarterly news bulletin). The Unit is also being complemented by a photographic section which undertakes pictorial coverage of the University events for record purpose.

The Public Relations Unit also has a passages section which is responsible for the processing of information and clearance of goods for the University including the establishment of letters of credit; booking and issuance of flight tickets to University staff travelling overseas or locally; arranging airport reception for the Principal Officers with respect to their comfort; processing issuance of Entry/Transit Visas and/or arranging visa appointment at various embassies and foreign missions; processing of Resident Permits for foreign staff and students; processing the issuance of Nigerian Passport and other travelling documents.

The Protocol Unit is responsible for the reception/hospitality of guests of the University. The Unit assists in facilitating the outreach efforts of the Vice-Chancellor by contacting people and places as directed by the Chief Executive from time to time.

The main office of the Vice-Chancellor serves as the departmental office for all the units under the direct supervision of the Vice-Chancellor.

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