Leventis Memorial Centre for Learning (LEMCEL)

Activity Profiles
LEMCEL is committed to re-orientate investors and industrialists on viable technological discoveries, innovations and good practices to promote sustainable agriculture and industrial growth through partnerships, networking, workshops, seminars and trainings.

Historical Briefs
AG Memorial Centre of Learning (LEMCEL) was bequeathed and commissioned to the University by the AG Leventis Foundation through His Excellency, Ambassador A. P. Leventis in 2003 under the able leadership of Dr T. M. Salisu. The Centre started with cybercafé from 2003 to early 2006 before the server had problem. This paralysed activities of the Centre till 2007 when the current Vice Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun appointed the then Dr. L. O. Sanni (now a Professor) as the Centre’s 2nd Director effective 1st August 2007 till date. The Centre consists of ICT-REC section, library section, AG Leventis Musuem section, African print & Art School section. The Centre has 1 Director, 1 Curator, 1 HEO, 1 System Analyst, 1 EO Account, Security Officers, and Cleaners.

Research Focus
LEMCEL serves as the secretariat of the Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C: AVA) project worth $13.3m ($1.32m for Nigeria) from May 1st 2008 till 2011. This project is sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through Natural Resources Institute of Greenwich University, Chatham, Kent, UK. UNAAB ensured active collaboration with private and government agencies within our catchment area. The strategy adopted was to work with nine service providers with each having its individual contract terms based on the organisation’s area of strength.

LEMCEL also serves as the secretariat to the Association of African University (AAU) collaborative research worth £68,000 on “Partnership for Regional Food Developers’ Initiative” with Sierra Leone, Benin Republic and Nigeria, which started November 2008 and to end November 2010.

The Centre through the Director won a project worth £97,500 from DFID/Association of African University (AAU) tagged Establishment of Food Science and Nutrition Network for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Rural Livelihood in West Africa [FOSNUT] in October 2009. The project is collaborating with the Nigerian Institute of Food Science & Technology; West African Association of Food Sc & Tech; University Abomey-Calavi, Benin Republic, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Cote d’voire. The project commenced in March 2010 and will end March 2011.

The Centre through the Director was part of partners that won €815300 EU ACP project on Science and Technology for enhancing the contribution of Tropical Root Crops to development in ACP Countries in November 2009. The project partners include: Greenwich University/Natural Resources Institute, UK as well as institutions from Nigeria, Uganda, Carribean, Zambia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The project aims to Develop and consolidate an international “community of practice” tightly associated with International Society of Tropical Root Crops to achieve developmental outcomes, Increase capacity of scientists in ACP countries to assess research needs, submit research and development project proposals for funding, better capitalize and disseminate research results on RTCs, and improve the quality of research results on RTCs in ACP countries.


Cassava: Adding Value for Africa Project: LEMCEL serves as the secretariat of the Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C:AVA) from May 1st 2008 till April 2011 sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Natural Resource Institute, University of Greenwich, Kent, UK. The project is a $ 13.3 million project for 5 Sub-Sahara African countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda coordinated by the Natural Resources Institute, UK.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Web: http://cava.nri.org Email: cava@gre.ac.uk

Service Providers: UNAAB FST, UNAAB AMREC, Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, JPDM – Ogun State, COWAN

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