Leadway PFA Customer Forum- Ag. Registrar, Mr. Adeleke Adeboye

The Zonal Manager, Leadway Pensure Limited, Mr. Remi Ogunlaja has allayed the fears of the company’s customers in the University that the process involved in collecting their pension after retirement was not as cumbersome and stressful as they erroneously believed.

Mr. Ogunlaja gave this assurance during the Customers’ Forum organized by Leadway Pensure Limited in the University, recently.

According to the Zonal Manager, retirees could access and begin to enjoy their pension, three months after retirement, provided that they presented their PFAs with necessary documents to facilitate payment.

He identified the documents that would be required by retirees to include official Notice of Retirement, Certified True Copy of Last Pay-Slip, proof of enrolment into the scheme, two passport photographs and bankers’ Certification of Account.

Mr. Ogunlaja pointed out that clients could withdraw voluntarily from the scheme, after attaining the age of 50 or on the completion of their length of service. He said the scheme could also be accessed pre-maturely by clients, who retired on medical grounds or sacked, as well as on the condition of death or declared missing.

The Zonal Manager further assured that since PFAs were not directly in the custody of client’s funds, the fear of mismanagement should not be entertained, advising staffers to grab the opportunity of contributing more through the Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) package.

The Acting Registrar, Mr. Adeleke Adeboye commended the University’s Pension Directorate and Leadway Pension for their initiative at organizing the Forum as he called on other Pension groups to emulate them.

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