Ekpo, U. F: Research

(i) Completed

i. Principal Investigator: Infant schistosomiasis in Ogun State. This research was undertaken to provide evidence based data on the burden of schistosomiasis in infant and preschool children in Nigeria. The study has been completed for Abeokuta area. Finding shows over 60% prevalence of schistosomiasis in preschool children in the area. The study has been published in an international peer reviewed Open Access journal (Parasites and Vectors).

ii. Principal Investigator: Epidemiological studies on onchocerciasis in a derived savannah area of ogun state, five years of ivermectin intervention. This research was undertaken to provide baseline entomological indices for monitoring the impact of annual ivermectin treatment on the microfilaria load in Simulium vector in an onchocerciasis endemic community in Ogun State. The study has been completed. Finding shows that the level of infectivity of the Simulium vector has been reduced to 0.8%. Entomological findings from the study have been published in an international peer reviewed Open Access journal (Parasites and Vectors). Epidemiological and KAP aspect of the study have been submitted for publication.

iii. Principal Investigator: Geospatial studies on fresh water snail intermediate host of parasites in Abeokuta area, Ogun State. This research was undertaken to developed baseline data on the spatial distribution and predictive model of snail intermediate host of parasites. The study is being funded from my post doctoral fellowship grant. Finding from the studies revealed that Bulinus truncatus, the snail intermediate host of Schistosoma heamatobium is widely distributed in Abeokuta. A manuscript from the study is been prepared for publication.

iv. Principal Investigator Site 1: External Monetary Incentive Policies for Community Volunteers in APOC Selected countries. This research was undertaken to document the existence of external monetary incentive policies in any for community volunteer in Nigeria. It is multi-country studies involving Ethiopia, Cameron, Nigeria and Uganda. This research is expected to help APOC address the issue of incentive to community volunteer. The study is funded by APOC/WHO of which I am the Principal Investigator for South-South Nigeria. Finding from the studies revealed that in many countries there are no documented policies of external monetary incentives for community volunteers. The report of the study have been submitted to APOC/WHO

(ii) In progress
• Principal Investigator: Development of a nationwide geographical information system database and bayesian spatial predictive models for the control of schistosomiasis in Nigeria (2009-2011) as a post doctoral research project, with support from European NTDs Foundations.
• Principal Investigator: Commodity Utilization in malaria control: Assess and usage of Insecticide Treated Net in Ikenne, Ogun State.
• Principal Investigator: Heliminthiasis and hygiene conditions of Primary schools in Lagos State.
• Co Investigator: Strengthening Primary Health Care in Rural Africa using the Community-Directed Intervention Approach in Cross River State, Nigeria, 3 year study to be funded by TDR/WHO.


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