Prof. OZOJE Michael Ohiokhuaobo

Degree: B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D.


Tel: 0803-716-3501, 0808-340-6135

Department: Animal Breeding and Genetics

Academic Rank: Professor

Current Position: Editor-In-Chief, FUNAAB Journals

Michael Ohiokhuaobo Ozoje is a Professor of Quantitative Genetics and Animal Breeding in the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics (ABG), College of Animal Science and Livestock Production (COLANIM), Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB). He is a Quantitative Animal Geneticist with strong statistical background, experienced in research methodologies, data analyses and presentation.

He graduated from University of Calabar, Nigeria in 1985 as the best graduating student, genetics option in the Department of Biological sciences. He joined the service of FUNAAB in 1994 as a Lecturer/Researcher and became a Professor in 2006. Over the years in FUNAAB, Prof. Ozoje has been carrying out research activities, supervising and training both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He was the Deputy Dean of Post Graduate School (2008-2012) and two times Head of Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics. He is also member of several University Committees.

He has won so many outstanding and distinguished awards and honours and the most recent of such is the AAU Staff exchange fellowship grant to visit University of Tamale, Ghana for Development Studies. Professor Ozoje has to his credit 72 publications in learned journals. He has carried out series of research works and some of which include Analyses of the Growth Curve parameters of N’Dama cattle raised in the humid tropics, Genetic diversity and population structure of indigenous goats in southern Nigeria using microsatellite DNA polymorphisms, to mention a few.

His research interest include Genetic Diversity Studies and Characterization of Indigenous Animal Genetic Resources, Prediction and Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Growth, Survival and Reproduction in Ruminant Species, Pleiotropic Effects of Qualitative Trait Genes on the Productive Adaptability of the West African Livestock species, Mathematical Modeling of Economic and Performance Traits in Sheep and Goats under different Management Systems, Genetics of Coat Colour Inheritance, Analysis of Quantitative Trait Loci using Candidate Gene Approach for Meat and Milk Traits and Statistical Genomics and Bioinformatics of Epigenetic Changes in muscle development and Inherited Diseases.

Prof Michael Ohiokhuaobo Ozoje is a member of Nigerian Society for Animal Production, Genetics Society of Nigeria, Foundation for Africa Development through International Biotechnology, International Goat Association and International Biometrics Society.

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