The University Hostel comprises the Male and Female Halls other wise known as Umar-Kabir and Iyalode Tinubu Hall respectively.

The Student Welfare and Hostel Management Committee (SWEHOMAC) is a statutory Committee in the Student Affairs Unit. It generally deals with issues that have to do with Student Welfare and Student Hostel Management.


Each Hostel has a Warden who is the Administrative Head and supervises the Hostel Staff.
The Warden also sees to the smooth running of the Hostels.


The Hostel unit has the following categories of staff;

Hall Wardens
Assistant Chief Housekeeper
Chief Porters
Senior Porters

Procedure in Hostel Allocation

The modality for the allocation of bedspace in the University Hostels is as stated below;

S/No. Group % of the total space
1. Physically-Challenged Students
(as recommended by the Director,
Health Services) 2.5%  
2. Foreign students 5.0%
3. Final Year Students 7.5%
4. 400L Agricultural Students (FPY) 7.5%
5 200L – 500L students (Non-final year) 17.5%
6. Biological Children of staff 5.0%
7. Outstanding Sportsmen and Women
(on the recommendation of Sports Coach) 5.0%
8. Fresh students 40.0%
9. Supreme Student Representative Council (Hall executive inclusive) 2.5%
10. University Scholars 2.5%
11. Others (VC, 2%, (25) others, 3% (36) 5%
Total Bed Spaces in the University Hostels

Old New

Female 486 192

Male 396 120

Postgraduate 42

Total   1,234

Bed Spaces under construction

Male 120
Female 108

Total    228


Bursary and Scholarship for students is an integral part of activities carried out in the Student Affairs Unit.

The following schemes are available

i. Egba Club of New York
ii. Odua Investment Scholarship
iii. Ondo State Bursary and Scholarship
iv. Oyo State Bursary and Scholarship
v. Delta State Bursary and Scholarship
vi. MTN foundation
vii. UNAAB Alumni
viii. Ekiti State Scholarship
ix. Osun State Bursary and Scholarship
x. Kwara State Bursary and Scholarship
xi. Bayelsa State Bursary and Scholarship
xii. Rivers State Bursary and Scholarship
xiii. Federal Government Scholarship Award
All issues relating to Bursary and Scholarship are given utmost attention including generation of list of potential students for the awards.

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