Dr. AMOLEGBE Saliu Alao

Degree:            B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D

Email: alfasolihudeen@yahoo.com

Telephone: 08036717659

Fax: 234-39-243045

Department: Chemistry

Academic Rank: Senior Lecturer

Current Position:

Research Interest:

1.    Research Interest:    Synthesis of highly active, safe and useful chemotherapeutic metal based drugs capable of suppressing microorganisms resistance to a number of antimicrobial/antimalarial agents.

2.    Designation of active homogeneous transition metal catalysts system for ethylene oligomerization (e.g. Cr catalysts based system/for CH2=CH2trimerization and tetramerization) and  polymerization necessary for production of linear low density polyolefin’s and high density polyolefin’s  basic chemical raw materials  which are of high economic values.




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