Mrs. BANDIPO, Marian Subuola

Degree: B. Ed., M. Ed.
Telephone No:  08033526703, 08055744655
Fax: +234-39-243045
Department: Home Science & Management
Academic Rank:  Lecturer I
Current Position: Extension Fellow
Specialization: Child & Family Development & Nutrition

(a) M. Ed         1991
(b) B. Ed         1982
(c) Certificate of Attendance in Food Crops Utilization And Nutrition IITA, Ibadan.     1986
(d) Nigerian Certificate of Education (N.C.E)   1977

(a) Advanced Teachers College, University of Ahmadu Bello (ABU) Zaria, Kaduna State (Nigeria) 1973 – 1977
(b) Ahmadu Bello University, Faculty of Education Home Economics Department (ABU) Zaria, Kaduna State (Nigeria) 1980 – 1982
(c) International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Ibadan, Oyo State (Nigeria) 7th April-2nd May 1986
(d) Post Graduate School Ahmadu Bello University Department of Home Economics,Faculty of Education (ABU), Zaria, Kaduna State (Nigeria) 1986 – 1991

Member – Nigerian Association of University Women UNAAB Chapter (NAUW 2005)
(ii) Social Secretary and Member – Nigerian Association of University Women (NAUW) (UNAAB Chapter) 2001 – 2004.
(iii) Life Member – Agriculture Society of Nigeria (ASN) 2001 – date
(iv) President and Member of Ahmadu Bello Univeristy (ABU) Alumi Association Abeokuta Chapter Ogun State, Nigeria 2001 – 2004 April
(v) Member, Home Science Association of Nigeria (HESAN) 1980 to date
(vi) Chairperson and member, Welfare and Consolidated Fund Committee for Academic Staff Universities (ASUU) UNAAB Chapter, Abeokuta 2002 – 2003.
(vii) Member, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) ABU and UNAAB Chapter, Abeokuta 2000 to date.
(viii) Member, Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HESRON) 2000 to date
(ix) Member, Committee on Ethics for Academic Staff (ASSU) UNAAB Chapter, Abeokuta 2000 – 2002.
(x) Adviser, 200 level students in Home Science and Management Department, (UNAAB), Abeokuta. 1990 – date
(xi) Member, (SIWES) Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme 1996 – 2002.
(xii) Member, (IFHEA) International Federation for Home Economics Association for Africa of Africa. 1993 – date.
(xiii) Member, (NIFST) Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology 1993 – date
(xiv) Member, Entertainment Committee responsible for entertainment of Guests and Visitors of Samaru College of Agriculture (SCA) ABU, Zaria 1991 – 1992.
(xv) Member, Food Science and Technology Research Programme Review Committee (I.A.A) ABU, Zaria 1991 – 1996.
(xvi) Member, Entertainment Committee of College for Agric. (SCA), ABU, Zaria 1987 – 1992.
(xvii) Class Mistress for Higher Diploma One, Home Economics of SCA, ABU, Zaria, 1993 – 1990.
(xviii) Supervision of Refreshments for Convocation Ceremony of Graduating Students, Division of Agriculture Colleges (DAC) ABU, Zaria, 1983 – 1990.



 (1) Teaching of student research work and extension work services For the rural women in different villages in Northern Nigeria

(2)  Involved in teaching rural women various skills in using labour Saving devices equipments in corn shelling, planting new improved Varieties of seeds and fruits etc.      1978 – 1994
(3) Taught marriage and family relations, Food and Nutrition, Food costing and Home Management to both Diploma and
 Higher Diploma one.1982 – 1992

At ABU Home Economics Department, Zaria. As long vacation Teacher;
i. Taught CD224, Child and family Development to both 200 and 300 level students, VTE D227, Marriage and Family Life Education to both 200 and 300 level students.
ii. Taught regular students 300 level Marriage and Family Life Education 1990 – 1995
iii. At ABU Adult Education Center: Taught the Diploma Students Foods
And Nutrition, Meal Preparation, Tie-dye, and Home Management 1980 – 1993 Different courses taught were in area of child and family studies option
These include
1. H S M 203 – Marriage and Family Development
2. H S M 204 – Child Development and Care
3. H S M 317/320 Growth and Development of the young child I and II (2 unit)
4. H S M 332 – Family Life Education.
5. H S M 402 – Project (4 unit)
6. H S M 400 – Seminal (4 unit)
7. H S M 314 – Family in cross Cultural Perspective (2 unit)
8. H S M 431 – Children Literature (2 unit)
9. H S M 435 – Organisation of Family and Welfare Programme (2 unit)
10. H S M 432 – Nursery School Progrmme (2 unit)
11. Industrial Attachment supervision    1996 – date



  (a) Journal Article:

(i) *Famuyide E.O., M.S. Banipo, B.L. Ademoye (2001), “Sexual Harassment on a University Campus: A Case Study”. A paper published in Ibadan Journal of Education Studies, Vol 1 (1): 166- 174. Already published in May, 2001.

(ii) *Agbon C.A. and Bandipo M.S. (2004), “Economics Empowerment of Women Engaged in Fish Marketing:, A paper accepted for publication in Fisheries Society of Nigeria FISON’S Journal of Fisheries. (Accepted 26th Oct, 2004).

(iii) *Afolabi, W.A.O., Sanni, S.A. Banipo, M.S. and Pikuda, Y.C. (2004), “The Relationship between Television Foods Advert, Food Consumption and Food Preference of Urban School Children”. Journal of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN). (Accepted, June 6th, 2005)

(iv) *Olayiwola, I.O. and Bandipo M.S. (2005), “Nutrition and childcare Practices – the Situation in Nigeria”. West Africa Journal of Nursing (WAJN) (Accepted 15th Aug. 2005).
*Published since last promotion

(b) Edited/Conference Proceedings

(i) *Bandipo, M.S. (1993), “Effect of Maternal Deprivation on Children’s Academic Performance” being a paper presented on Wednesday 15th August 1993 at Home Economics Association for Africa (IFHERA) at Home Economics Department Kenyatta University Nairobi, Kenya (Accepted 20th July, 1993).

(ii) *Egbunike, C.A. Okeke, E.A. Bandipo M.S. (2001). “Time Allocated to Child Care by Pregnant Women”, A Paper presented at the Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HERAN) held at University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Nigeria) 2000 (22nd – 25th March).

(iii) *Afolabi, W.A.O. and Bandipo, M.S., (2002). “The need for improved nutritional status of the youths for enhanced agricultural productivity” accepted in the proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN), held in University of Agriculture (UNAAB) Abeokuta (Nigeria), 2002.
*Published since last promotion


(i) *Bandipo, M.S. (1999) “The roles in women in the Development of the Family” being a paper presented at the Workshop of the Women in Development (WID) Programme of the Agriculture Media Resources and Extension Center (AMREC) University of Agriculture, (UNAAB), Abeokuta. Held at Kofesu Alaro Village, Abeokuta on 2nd July, 1999, 18 pages.

(ii) *Bandipo, M.S. (2000) “Processing and Utilization of Soya Beans”. A working paper presented during the training workshop of Women Farmers at Maya in Oyo State. Organised by (AMREC) University of Agriculture (UNAAB), Abeokuta.

(iii) *Attended and Presented papers in several Religious Conferences and Workshops such as Anglican Youth Fellowship National Conference in Nigeria held in Sagamu, Remo Diocese, 2000 – 2004.

(iv) Attended and Presented Paper at the Workshop of Caring and Sharing Sufi Centre One (Leaders Assembly) Al-Murshid, 9th November 2000, Soya Bean Utilization for Generating Income, 2000.

(v) Attended and presented paper: “Hold Fast to God” at ECWA Ibadan DCC 2nd
Annual Women Fellowship Conference at Agbowa-Ikosi Lagos State held on August 21st – 23rd, 2003.
*Published since last promotion

(i) Attended 1st Life in Retirement Seminar organized by the University of Agriculture  in May, 2002.

(ii) Attended almost all inaugural lectures and seminars organized by the University of Agriculture since 1997 – 2004.

(iii) Bandipo, M.S. (2003), Presented Paper: “Healthy Living for members of Olumo
Lions Club International District 404, Nigeria”, held at Ake Palace Hall, Ake, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, 2003.

(iv) Attended 4th Life in Retirement Seminar organized by the University of Agriculture (UNAAB) Abeokuta Monday 10th – 11th October 2005.

(i) Has been involved in the University of Agriculture Extension Programme organized by the Women in Development (WID) Programme of Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Center (AMREC), University of Agriculture (UNAAB), Abeokuta. Presented papers: Hard Working and Demonstration Classes and Practical Workshop with rural women to enhance the interest of the villages, improve their income and diet. 1999 – 2006 April.

(ii) Was Guest Lecturer for different Student Associations and Clubs in University of
 Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. 1999 – 2003.

(iii) Served as resource person and presented papers for the Rotaract Club in
 University of Agriculture (UNAAB) Chapter, 2002 – 2003.

(iv) Sabbatical Experience: At Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta
Made a valuable contributions to Home Economics Students, in the areas of Counseling Marriage, Family, and Child Development during my sabbatical leave. 2006 April – February 28th 2007.
(i) Income generating activities
(ii) Variety of Nutrition food from soy beans
(iii) Snacks business for Women. Adolescents and primary school vendors.
(iv) Appropriate technology to improve work habit, which improves health and productivity in women.
(v) Food vending as money generating activities for women 1999 to date.
(vi) Counseling of students in the department 1996 – date. This helped me to relate with the students and solve their problems.
(vii) Class mistress of 200 level and 300 level students 1998 – date.
(viii) As part of my development and the student development I was appointed to be a female hostel warden in the University 1997 – 2000.
(ix) Member of various educational society and clubs in the University.
(x) Participated in the capacity Building Training for HIV/AIDS Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT), and care and support for PLWHAS held at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. USG/Nigeria Partnership for HIV and AIDS Relief (PEPFAR PROJECT) in collaboration with State Action Committee on AIDS (SACA), Ogun State, Friday, 30th September, – 7th October, 2005.

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