Dr. OLAOYE Olalekan Jacob

Degree: B. Agric, M.Sc.
E-mail: olaoyeoj@funaab.edu.ng
Telephone No: 08030609566
Fax: +234-39-243045
Department: Department of Aquaculture and
Fisheries Management (AQ&FM), UNAAB
Designation: Principal Extension Fellow
Current Position:
Specialization: Fisheries Management

• M.Sc.           (1998)
• B. Agric         (1995)

● University of Ibadan, Ibadan. (1998)
● University of Agriculture Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria (1995)

 Member, Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON).-PM 779.
 Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON).
 Member, Genetics Society of Nigeria (GSN).
 Member, Nigeria Society of Animal Production (NSAP).

i) Commendation for dedication to duty: From acting Director AMREC, UNAAB, Dr. (Mrs.) G. O. Sokoya, April, 2009

ii) Letter of Commendation, from Prof. A. M. Omotayo- Director AMREC, UNAAB, (AUGUST, 2006)

iii) Appreciation and Commendation Letter from V.C Prof. I.F. Adu (UNAAB)
For Participating in Research & Development Fair-Abuja.
iv) Commendation on Outstanding Performance from Prof. A. Y. A. Adeoti, Director AMREC, UNAAB, July, 2004

v) Outstanding Performance from Prof. A. Y. A. Adeoti, Director, UNAAB – AMREC, (JUNE, 2004)

vi) Most Outstanding Village Extension Agent – OGADEP Ikenne. (2000 & 2001)

vii) Best Ikenne Zonal Staff, OGADEP, Ikenne. (1999)

viii) Best Troop Leader, Boys Scout Movement, OHS, Joga – Orile. (1981 – 1983)

Teaching (Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management)
Class Course

FIS 401  Fish Marketing and Cooperatives

FIS 403                                  Fish Production, Management Techniques and Accounting Practices.

FIS 410 Fish Processing Technology

FIS 501  Fish Production and Management.

FIS 511 Administration and Programme Planning in Extension.

FIS 502 Fisheries Technology Processing and Storage

FIS 506 Fisheries Economics


PDF 706   Fish Culture and Management.
PDF 708                                Post Harvest Technology and Fish Marketing
PDF 709                                Advances in Aquaculture

PDF 710  Fisheries Extension and Cooperatives


DAF 104 Introductions to Fisheries Management

DAF 203                                 Aquatic Ecology

DAF 205 Ichthyology.

DAF 210 Introductions to Fish Ecology

 Diploma: (Diploma in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management) Adesina, O.A.: Biometric Characteristics of Cat Fish
DICEP/AF/03/008: Chrsichthys nigrodigitatus (LACEPEDE, 1803) IN Oyan Lake, Ogun State, Nigeria (2005)
Babatunde, A. A.: A Comparative Study of the Rate of Deterioration of Six Fresh Water Fish Species in Ogun State, Nigeria (2006) Bellow, O. O.: Comparative Studies of Spoilage in Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus ) and Cat Fish (Clarias gariepinus )-2006

 Bachelor Degree: (B. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management-UNAAB) Arogundade, B. F. (2009) Impact of Fadama II projects on Agricultural Development in Ogun State, Nigeria Talabi, O. J. (2009) Socio-economic determinant of demand for OSAMCA loans among fish farmers in Ogun State Aje, F. B. (2008) Socio-economic constraints to intergrated fish farming and impediments to the acceptability of fish fed with maggots in Abeokuta zone of Ogun State
Komolafe,O. A. (2008) Assessment of feeds and feeding techniques adopted in cultured fisheries in Ijebu-ode Agricultural Extension zone of Ogun State Soremekun, S. O. (2008) The demand analysis of fresh fish in Abeokuta metropolis of Ogun State Nigeria. Ogunrinde,A.B.(2006) Factors Affecting Farmed Fish Marketing in Abeokuta Zone, Ogun State, Nigeria
 Postgraduate Diploma

Odusanya, A. S. (2008) Growth performance, nutrient utilization and hepatosomatic index of Clarias gariepinus (Burchel, 1822) fed poultry hatchery waste based diet.

 Personal and collaborative research on Fisheries Management.

Extension and Management
(a) Coordination of Fisheries Extension programmes of AMREC, UNAAB.

(b) Planning, Implementation and Coordination of skill developing programmes for Fish Farmers and Prospective Aqua culturist in UNAAB Catchment Areas.

(c) Rendering technical advisory services to Fish Farmers in the South-West Nigeria to enhance productivity of the Fisheries and thereby the income of the Farmers.

(d) Farmers-Extension Services Linkage

(e) Organization and Implementation of Training- Workshop on Sustainable Fish Farming in Nigeria held between the 26th and 28th October, 2004 in UNAAB.

(f) Planning, Implementation and Coordination of On – Farm Adaptive Trials in UNAAB Extension Villages.

(g) Guidance and Counseling of to be Fish Farmers inside and outside UNAAB.

(h) Construction and Management of Fish Ponds for AMREC and Farmers.

(i) Conflict Management/Resolution between UNAAB and Budo-Ayetoro Community.

(j) Spoke man (M.C.) during Village- Based integrated capacity building training for Farmers.
(k) Active Participation in the Dug-well project, NESTLE – AMREC projects, and NUC Impact Assessment.

(l) Sales man for AMREC publications.

(A) Dissertation & Project:

(i) Olaoye, O.J. (1998): Growth Responses of Heterobanchus bidorsalis (Geoffrey saint Hilaire, 1809) Fed Graded Dietary protein Levels:Submitted to the Department of Wild life & Fisheries Management,University of Ibadan for the award of M.Sc. Fisheries Management.

(ii) Olaoye, O. J. (1994): Nutrient Quality of Eggs kept in Storage (Bachelor of Agriculture-Project), Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, COLANIM, UNAAB.

(B) Books/Monographs and Chapters in Books

(iii) Omotayo, A.M, M.A. Jayeola and O.J. Olaoye (2006) Editors: New Horizons In Specialist Extension Support System in Nigeria(11). Proceeding of the Extension Orientation Workshop for Academic Staff, UNAAB. AMREC Publication Series 3

(C) Article in Learned Journal:
Journal Paper

(iv) Ladebo, O. J, Adamu, C. O and Olaoye, O. J. (2005): Relative Contributions of Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Justice to Extension Personnel’s Job Satisfaction. International Agricultural and Extension Education. (AIAEE). Texas. Vol. 12, No.1. pp 65-75 spring.

(v) Olaoye, O. J; Adekoya, B. B.; G. N. O. Ezeri; G. A. K. Omoyinmi and T. O. Ayansanwo (2007): “Fish Hatchery Production Trends in Ogun State: 2001-2006” Journal of Field Aquatic Studies, Aquafield 3:29-40

(vi) LADEBO, OLUGBENGA JELIL, OLALEKAN JACOB OLAOYE and COMFORT OYEKALE ADAMU (2008): Extension Personnel’s Self-Esteem and Workplace Relationships: Implications for Job Satisfaction and Affective Organizational Commitment Foci. Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, Vol. 14, No. 3, 249-263, September, 2008. Wageningen University

(vii)  Adegbite, D. A., A. O. Olorontoba and O. J. Olaoye (2008): Performance Assessment of Ogun State Agricultural Multi-purpose Credit Agenciy (OSAMCA) in Credit delivery and Operation (2004-2006). Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, Volume 10, No. 3, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, Pennsylvania Pp. 127-153.
Procedeeding of Conferences

(viii)  Adekoya, B.B.; G.N.O. Ezeri; O.J. Olaoye; G.A.K. Omoyinmi and T.O.Ayansanwo (2006) Fish Hatchery Production Trends in Ogun State,Nigeria. A paper presented during 11th ANNUAL National Conference of the Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria at UNAAB Abeokuta on 3rd – 6th April, 2006

(ix) Olaoye, O. J.; I. A. Akintayo; R. E. K. Udolisa and A. B. Ogunrinde (2008) An assessment of the factors affecting farmed-fish marketing in Abeokuta zone of Ogun State. A paper presented during the 23rd ANNUAL National Conference and Biennial General Meeting of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria at Arewa House, Kaduna on 26th to 30th October, 2008

(x) Olaoye, O. J.; I. A. Akintayo; M. A. Adekoya and Komolafe, O. A. (2008) Assessment of feeds and feeding techniques adoption in Ijebu-ode zone of Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme, Nigeria. A paper presented during 23rd ANNUAL National Conference and Biennial General Meeting of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria at Arewa House, Kaduna on 26th to 30th October, 2008

(xi) Nigeria Rural Sociological Association 2006

(D) Technical Papers:

(xii)  Olaoye, O. J. (2003) Differences between Fish Processing and Preservation. A Term Paper during M.Phil. / Ph.D. programme in the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, COLERM, UNAAB.
(xiii)  Olaoye, O. J. (2002) Training and Visit System of Agricultural Extension, ATerm paper during M.Phil. / Ph. D. to AE&RD, (ARD 701), UNAAB.

(xiv) Olaoye, O. J. (1998) Synposis on Heterobranchus species. A Term Paper presented during M.Sc. Fisheries Management programme, U.I. Ibadan.

(xv) Olaoye, O. J. (1998) Aquaculture Development under OGADEP’S Unified Agricultural Extension Services (UAES) IN Ogun State, A seminal paper presented during M. Sc. Fisheries Management, U.I. Ibadan.

(xvi)  Olaoye, O. J. (1994) College of Animal Science and Livestock Production (COLANIM), Farm Practical Year Report, UNAAB, Abeokuta.

(xvii)  Olaoye, O. J. (1993) Institutional Framework for Cooperative Development in Nigeria, AE & RD, UNAAB.

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