Organized by: Department of Physics, UNAAB
Sponsored by: The University Management and the Department of Physics
Guest Lecturer: Prof. S. K. Dana, Head of Central Instrumentation, Indian Institute of
Chemical Biology, Kolkata
Contact: Dr. A. N. Njah, Department of Physics, UNAAB. (Email: njahabdul@yahoo.com,
Tel: +2348035640371)
Progrqamme outline:
1.  A general lecture introducing “Chaos and Synchronization: Rhythms of Living systems” etc as it affects participants from different field. Further Lectures on Experimental chaos in the form of seminars in different fields.
2.  Practical connections of electronic components on a circuit board for the visualization of the chaotic dynamics of certain chaotic systems on an oscilloscope or screen.
3.  Design of electronic circuit from a set of differential equations for its practical implementation.
4.  Introduction and installations of the soft ware used in experimental chaos.
5.  Connection of electronic components on circuit board by participants themselves.
Time Table
22nd November: Morning session – Lectures/seminars on experimental chaos
Afternoon session – practical implementation on electronic board and visualization on an oscilloscope or screen of chaotic circuits.

23rd November: Morning session – participants trying hands on circuit implementation
Afternoon session – design of circuit from a set of differential equations

24th November: Morning session – other necessary information and advice from the
Visiting Lecturer on Experimental Chaos (soft ware, hardware, etc. ).

Then closing remarks.
Afternoon session – Excursion around Abeokuta (Adire Market, Olumo Rock, etc.)
25th November: Departure.

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