BODUNDE, Helen Aduke

Degree: N.C.E, B.Ed, M.Ed,  Ph.D.


Tel: +234-803-318-7298, 0809788495

Fax: +234-39-243045

Department: Communication & Gen. Studies

Academic Rank: Senior Lecturer

Current Position: Director, GRECC

Research interest:


Detailed Resume


Ph. D. 2004

M. Ed. 1992

B. Ed. 1984

N.C.E. 1981



Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.  1995-2004

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.  1989-1991

University of Benin, Benin- City  1982-1984

Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.  1978-1981



Member, Nigerian English Studies Association

Member, National Association of Teachers and Researchers in Teaching English as a

Second Language (NATRESL)

Member, Gender Study Group, Nigeria






Teaching English and Communication Skills GNS 101

Teaching Writing and Literary Appreciation GNS 201

Essentials of Scholarly Writing

Developmental Writing








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2. BODUNDE, H.A. (2004): “The relationship between Language Policy Preference and Implementation at the primary School Level: Implications for Policy re-design”


Journal articles

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23. BODUNDE, H.A. (2005): “Attitude o Choice of medium of instruction in Nigerian Primary Schools. Proceedings of English language Teaching Today. 2, 39-44.

Conference Papers

1. PALU, D.Z AND H.A. BODUNDE (1996): “The role of English for Science and technology (EST) in Enhancing Technical Education for Self-reliance “A paper presented at the national Conference on Education, held at Federal College of Education, Katsina Between 22nd – 25th October.

2. BODUNDE, H.A. AND B.M. ABUBKAR (1996): “Students’ sex as it affect negative attitude to school rules and regulations. Paper presented at the Conference on Education organized by the Association of Promoting Quality Education at Kaduna Polytechnic 8th – 12th October.

3. BODUNDE, H.A. (1996): “The Contribution of Linguistics to Language Pedagogy. “A Paper presented at the National Conference on Language and Literature in Federal College of Education. Zaria between 21st – 25th October.

4. BODUNDE, H.A. AND D.Z. PALU (1998): “Women Enrolment in Vocational / Technical Education: A case study of Samaru College of Agriculture and Federal College of Chemical and Leather Technology, Zaria:. A paper presented at the 3rd Biennial Conference of School of Education Nsugbe between 6th – 10th July.

5. BODUNDE, H.A. (2000): “Medium of Instruction Controversy: Language utility or inefficiency”. A paper presented at Modern Languages Association of Nigeria at the French Village, Badagry. April 20th – 22nd

6. BODUNDE, H.A. (2006): “English and Communication Skills in Nigerian tertiary Institutions: The State of the Art. A paper presented at National Conference of NATRESL held in Makurdi, August 2nd – 5th

7. BODUNDE, H.A., K. ADENIYI AND B.S. SOTILOYE (20070: “Use of Drama in Attitudinal Change among the Adolescents: UNAAB Experience. A paper presented in the 5th NATRESL Conference held between 18th and 22nd of July, 2007 at FUTO, Owerri, Nigeria.

8. SOTILOYE, B.S. AND H.A. BODUNDE (2007): “Necessary  Herculean Task: re-writing the English Orthography A paper presented in the 5th NATRESL Conference held between 18th and 22nd of July, 2007 at FUTO, Owerri, Nigeria.

9. BODUNDE, H.A. AND F.A. OLANIPEKUN (2008); “Peer Critiquing as an effective Strategy for Teaching writing” A Paper presented in the 6th NATRESL Conference held between 21st and 25th of October, 2008 at FUT, Akure, Nigeria.


Workshop Papers

1. Bodunde H.A. (1997).  “The Roles of Communication in Extension Services.  “A lead Paper presented at a seminar organized by the Students’ wing of Farm  Management Association of Nigeria. 1st November.

2. Bodunde, H.A. (1998).  “Communication and Agricultural Extension Dialogues.  “A Paper presented during a workshop on communication skills training methods.  May 25-27th.

3. Bodunde, H A (2008). ‘Hints on Effective Communication in Academics. Paper presented at the Training Workshop on Ethics for Teaching in the University  organized by RESDEC, UNAAB between 8th and 9th April, 2008

4. Bodunde, H A (2008). ‘ Effective Use of Communication Skills. Paper presented at the Training Workshop on Work Ethics for Professional and Technical Staff  in the University organized by RESDEC, UNAAB between 22nd  and October, 2008 .

5. Bodunde, H.A. (2008) ‘Teaching as a Profession’. A paper presented to the first batch of NYSC members at NYSC camp, Sagamu on 9th April, 2008.




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