UNAAB Is A Dream Come True – Freshers

Freshers, taking their Oath at a recent Matriculation

Still basking in the euphoria of their admission into the University, scores of the newly admitted students stormed the Campus last week to finalise the processing of their admission.

For a chunk of them who spoke to UNAAB Bulletin, their admission is a dream come true.

According to a new intake into the College of Engineering (COLENG) who simply gave his name as Femi, he said, “I’ve since been looking forward to schooling in UNAAB because I heard that there is no cultism here. Here I am, live and direct. I really thank God”.

For Tolu, a fresher at the College of Veterinary Medicine (COLVET), “I am in love with the beautiful University landscape. My mother is an Horticulturist and our home is adorned with beautiful flowers. I have seen one good environment here in (UNAAB)”.

Ibrahim who is newly admitted to COLERM said, “I am in UNAAB for studies and that will remain my focus here, no more, no less”.

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