Regulations Governing The Award of Post-graduate Diplomas

A Programme of courses and practical work shall be provided in the Colleges leading to the award of Postgraduate Diploma.

In addition to the Course work, each student shall be expected to undertake a Practical Project Work in his chosen field of specialization. This may commence late in the first semester but shall not go beyond the second semester and shall carry a maximum of six units. At the end of the Project Work, a project Report shall be written and marked and the minimum pass mark shall be 50%. Failure in this project work will lead to a repetition of the project work and hence non-graduation within the stipulated time.

To be eligible for the award of a Diploma in the relevant discipline, a candidate must:
(a) Pass all the courses and total units prescribed for the Programme.
(b) Not spend less than the minimum period, nor more than the maximum period stipulated, and,
(c) Pass the project work.

The classification of the Diploma shall be as follows:


Distinction 70% and above
Credit 60% – 69%
Pass 50% – 59.9%
Fail Below – 50%

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