Staff Cooperative Society is a Plus to UNAAB

The newly-elected executives of UNAAB Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd. (L-R): Prof. Adewale Dipeolu (President), Mr. Kamordeen Adedo (Vice-President), Mrs. Titilayo Okunboye (Treasurer) and Mrs. Busurat Olusoji (Secretary)

UNAAB Cooperative Multi-Purpose Society Limited has contributed immensely to the welfare of members of staff and the betterment of the University.
The President of UNAAB CT&CS, Professor Adewale Dipeolu gave an insight into the activities of the body during his Address presented at the just-concluded 23rd Annual General Meeting.

In the report, the President assured members that better times were ahead as conditions of service in the University System had greatly improved.
He, however, reiterated the need for members to properly plan their finances and take advantage of the End-of-the-Year and Educational Savings, as a channel to alleviate the hardship experienced at the beginning of every School Year.

Prof. Dipeolu disclosed that the Society had purchased another 18 seater-bus that is being used to convey members to and from town.

He advised members, who have plots of lands opposite the University in Ogundipe Village near Owe area to start building as the Institute for Human Resources Development (INHURD) had relocated to its permanent site and that demand for houses in the area will soon be very high, while assuring that more allocations would soon be made.

Speaking on the upcoming general elections and the gloomy situation of the stock market, the President called on members not to lose hope as good times were still possible in the country.

“We must rise up to the occasion and participate in the upcoming elections; register to vote and vote when we have to,” he added.

Professor Dipeolu lauded the University Management and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun for his unflinching support to the Society, saying that “we all individually and collectively must glide along with the Vice-Chancellor and enjoy the euphoria of his achievements”.

As a show of appreciation for a job well, Professor Dipeolu was re-elected as President along with other new officers.

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