Personal Safety for UNAAB Community

As we enter this New Year – 2011, the Environmental Unit is using this medium to advise UNAAB Community members to be safety conscious and practise Personal Safety in all they do this year.

Personal safety begins with awareness, i.e. be conscious of happenings around you; know what people are doing or saying around you and don’t leave your security solely in the hands of anybody, not even the Police.

The fact of the matter is that individuals are ultimately responsible for their personal safety. So, take responsibility for it now by being safety conscious and practise risk-avoidance techniques at all times.

The theme of this message is: avoid risky circumstances, conditions, and situations like aggressive conversation and argument. Also avoid unusual and unnecessary social/political gatherings, especially during this period of electioneering.

And remember that most crimes and anti-social behaviours are now targeted at people, not just property as recent bombings in some cities in the country have shown e.g. Warri, Abuja, Jos etc.

Thus, people are advised to watch out for strange faces that carry suspicious bags, especially in crowded areas.

In addition, majority of crimes are “spur of the moment” actions, often in response to the opportunity of lack of security consciousness on our part, such as not paying due attention to happenings in our surroundings, displaying valuables without capable guardians, leaving windows and doors open when we are not physically present, leaving broken door or window unrepaired, leaving stranger(s) alone in our offices or room, and other unsafe practices.

So, not paying due attention to happenings in our surroundings, leaving windows and doors unlocked, displaying valuables without capable guardians are just some of the opportunities any potential criminal capitalizes on.

In short, creating insecurity around us and our properties would make criminals to victimize us.

Thus, by avoiding risky situations or circumstances and by securing yourself, family, home, and offices; you can save yourself the distress and expense of crime and make our community, safer and better place to live in.

Happy New Year
Compliment of the Season.

This piece was sent in by the UNAAB Asst. Chief Environmental Officer
Mr. S. P. Bolarinwa


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