Prof. Olasantan Delivers 31st Inaugural Lecture

Food sufficiency, environmental and health qualities have been said to be cardinal issues in Horticulture.

The three attributes were therefore the focal points, espoused by Prof. Faucett Olagundoye Olasantan, at the presentation of the 31st Inaugural Lecture of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

According to Prof. Olasantan, Horticulture was an occupation ordained by God as it had continually sustained mankind as a source of food, purification and the aesthetic gratification of the environment.

The Don noted that Horticulture was a big source of treasure in Africa, but expressed worry that its present state of development, when compared with the huge outlays, investment efforts and its contributions to national development in Africa, remained under-exploited.

The Lecturer observed that all things being equal, Africa had the technologies, elevations, adequate land and human resources, as potential assets, to be among the highest exporters and consumers of horticultural products in the world.

“By 2050, Africa’s population will hit 1.7 billion, thus, there is the need for a beautiful environment, adequate food, fruits and vegetables, to meet up with the needs of the exploding population. Hence, African nations must put in place, structural policies, to develop Horticulture”, Prof. Olasantan said.

The Lecturer was of the opinion that there was no way crop production technology could be improved upon without first improving on the system under which they grow naturally.

Professor Olasantan, therefore, recommended enhanced capacity building in the Horticultural industry; provision of adequate funds for research institutes and Universities; introduction of improved indigenous horticultural crop varieties; reduction of importation of fruit and vegetable products and increased participation of private sectors.

Prof. Faucett Olagunjoye Olasantan is a Professor of Horticulture in the Department of Horticulture, College of Plant Science and Crop Production (COLPLANT) of the University and the title of the Lecture was, “Horticulture: The Under-Exploited Goldmine in Africa”.

The 31st Inaugural Lecturer,
Professor Faucett Olagunjoye
Olasantan, delivering the Lecture

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