Patriotic UNAABITES Chanting the School Team

UNAABITES are enviable students that always capitalize on available opportunities, to express their intellectualism and wit.

The just-concluded preliminaries of the Nigerian Universities Games, (Zone-F), hosted by the University, was no exception.

They didn’t mince words in telling fellow students from visiting Universities in the southwest, that they are proud of being students of Agriculture.

They did this in style, by rendering enthusiastically, the popular folk song which celebrates Agriculture as a predominant profession in Yorubaland.


In Action: Prof. Chryss Onwuka and Dr. Sam-Wobo rendering technical advice to the UNAAB 
Footbal team on the field of play


The song: “Ise agbe ni ise ile waa; eni ko sise ama jale. Iwe kiko lai si oko ati ada; koi pe ooo, koi pe oooo” (Farming is the vocation of our land; he who does not work, will steal. Education without farming is incomplete; it is incomplete), was sonorously  rendered as the UNAAB basketball team’s professional deft touches on the big ball with sleek moves caught their opponents from the Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), napping.



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