CENIP Commended for Projecting University’s Image 

Prof. Olusegun Osinowo (Standing) addressing the gathering, during the CENIP Lecture

It was a highly educative gathering last week, as the Centre for Internationalization and Partnerships (CENIP), hosted a Lecture Series, as part of the World Poultry Association Summit, held in the University.

At the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, represented by the Director, Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR), Prof. Segun Osinowo, commended CENIP, for its efforts at projecting the image of the University globally, through its activities and programmes.

Professor Balogun urged CENIP to keep up with the good works, considering its strategic roles of linking the University to the outside world and strengthening the development of partnerships with various organizations.

The Vice-Chancellor reiterated the University’s extension mandate, to oversee poultry activities in eight states of the federation, said that Edo, Delta, Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Oyo and Lagos States in the Southwest geopolitical region of the country produced majority of the nation’s poultry.

He described the Lecture Series as an attempt at deepening academic interaction with universities as he tasked CENIP to build more on the existing linkages of the University.

In a presentation titled, “Management of Breeding Poultry”, Dr Paul Hocking from the United Kingdom, stressed the need to embark on feed restriction in certain species of Hens, Turkeys and Ducks, stressing that overfeeding affects weight of poultry and their ovaries, which in turn, determines their egg-producing capabilities.

The Guest Speaker noted that after the laying of the first set of eggs, in some species of poultry birds, they acquire greater body weight, resulting in multiple ovulation and decrease in egg production.

Dr. Hocking, however, cautioned against feed restrictions on either the small-female or the large-male turkeys, as it could be counterproductive in egg production.

Another Lecture, delivered by Dr Paul Iji, from Australia, titled, “Publishing Without Tears”, harped on the importance of Publishing and Research by emphasizing the merits of effective publishing of projects, manuscripts and impact journals.

Dr. Iji outlined the various techniques required for Journal publication.


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