UNAAB Students To Get Split Degrees

The Director, Centre for Internationalization and Partnerships (CENIP), Dr. Olukayode Akinyemi in a chat with UNAAB Bulletin Crew in his office

300 level students of Science and Engineering in the University of Agriculture , Abeokuta (UNAAB), with high Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will now enjoy Split Degrees.

This was disclosed by the Director, Centre for Internationalization and Partnerships (CENIP) of the University, Dr. Kayode Akinyemi, during a brief chat with UNAAB Bulletin crew, in his office.

Dr. Akinyemi said Split Degree System will involve establishing linkages between UNAAB, University of Leeds and Coventry University, United Kingdom .
The Director disclosed that students, when they get to 300 level in UNAAB will have the opportunity of completing their programmes at the University of Leeds, if they are Science degree undergraduates while those in Engineering will be opportuned to complete theirs in the Coventry University.

“At the end of their programmes, Science students will obtain University of Leeds ‘ Certificates and Engineering students will obtain Coventry University Certificate”, he said.

He noted that the Signing of Agreement between UNAAB and University of Leeds had reached an advanced stage while that of Coventry is yet to reach that level.

The Director noted that till date, 42 members of staff had gone for international trainings in United Arab Emirate, United Kingdom, South Africa and Israel, through CENIP, hoping that in the next three months, 18 members of staff would also have attended different training programmes, which will help them increase their level of exposure in their chosen fields.

He also reiterated Management’s position of sending at least, 15 members of staff, every quarter for foreign training, saying this will help bring about higher productivity.

On the University Foreign African Scholarship Scheme (UFASS), Dr. Akinyemi made it known that the University had received another international student from Sierra Leone, Mr. Paul Bangura, the first international postgraduate student, under the scheme.

The programme had put UNAAB on a global limelight, for being the first University to do so in Nigeria, which is solely sponsored by the University.

To reduce the burden on the University, Dr. Akinyemi disclosed that the University was taking steps in collaborating with the African Union (AU) and other international bodies in sponsoring the Scheme.
“At the end of UFASS programmes, beneficiaries will have the opportunity of becoming employers of labours in their countries. Not only that, some of our Academic and Non-Teaching Staff will also have the opportunity of going to these countries, in order to add value to their Universities in the area of teaching, research and extension services after the current academic session with the full support of the Vice-Chancellor”, he added.

Dr. Akinyemi stated that UNAAB’s template for ETF Conference attendance had become a standard for other Universities in Nigeria to adopt, of which the Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Professor Julius Okojie applauded.

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