VC Dazzles Presidential Visitation Panel with Accounting Brilliance …”You Have Achieved Maximum Returns on Investment” – Panel Member

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun responding to questions by the panel on  fund utilization, while other members of the panel pay rapt attention to the Vice-Chancellor’s detailed analysis

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun recently dazzled members of the Presidential Visitation Panel to the University in the area of Financial Accounting of his stewardship in the University.

Prof. Balogun displayed his accounting brilliance when he gave the Presidential Visitation Panel Members, detailed analysis of how the University had utilized the ETF Special Intervention Fund, allotted to the University.

While responding to the questions put to him by the Panel members, Prof. Balogun left the team amazed as he gave bit-by-bit, scientific analysis of how all ETF Grants were utilized, in order to place the University in a better stead of qualifying for the 2011 Grant.

At the end of his repertoire, the Panel members were left with no doubt, prompting one of the members, Arch. Kester Ifeadi, to enquire of the Vice-Chancellor, saying “are you not an Animal Scientist? How come you are vast in Accounting”?

The members were therefore unanimous with the verdict, “he deserves a honorary Fellowship in Accounting”.

Prof. Balogun was commended for achieving maximum Returns on Investment by the Panel members, while the Chairman, Prof. Ochapa Onazi also attested to the Vice-Chancellor’s uprightness and sincerity with the contractors handling various projects, when he noted that “no contractor had come to see us, to complain of any delayed payment. This is commendable and this is what we must all learn to do as Nigerians”.

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