IFSERAR Programme Leaders Speak On Projects

Some Programme Leaders of the Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR), have been highlighting the basic features and benefits of several projects of the Institute, especially the Kalahari Red Goats Projects at the Opeji Village.

They gave the insight while briefing the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun and his Management team at the various project sites during a recent Field Trip.

Briefing the Vice-Chancellor at the Biosciences Farm Site, the Programme Leader, Professor Muyiwa Segun Ayodele, informed that the site will soon be producing seedlings in large number for supply to farmers and researchers.

Similarly, Professor Ayodele further disclosed that the Farm Site is also looking forward to producing small laboratory animals such as Rabbit and Guinea Pigs for research purposes and at “ready made” for the use of pharmaceutical industries, teaching hospitals and food industries.

Besides, the Programme Leader also revealed that the Site would soon be producing animals in customized forms, “such that if you want to produce drug on hypertension, we will customize rats to have hypertensive symptoms, thereby becoming a clearing house of sort to experts in the field”.

He expressed confidence for the high demand for ‘customized animals’ by researchers, health personnel and relevant industries, as a result of the few number of Research Centres and Farm Sites that are currently in the business.

Professor Ayodele assured that the project will effectively be a revenue-earner for the University, when it eventually takes-off.

Also briefing the Vice-Chancellor at the Crop/Poultry Unit Site 1, the Acting Programme Leader for Aquaculture, Professor Godfrey Nnamdi Ezeri informed of the plan to “impound the seasonal stream” on the Site, into a dam.

He explained that the Dam will serve as reservoir, not only for aquaculture but as well for livestock, seedlings, fish pond and for Agricultural Engineering during dry season plantation.

Prof. Ezeri discovered that the Dam when completed will also serve as a veritable training ground for students.

At the IFSERAR Farm Site 2, Professor Victor Olowe, while briefing the Vice-Chancellor, disclosed that land preparation for the next planting season, was already ongoing at the Site.

He recalled that last year, Soyabean, covering 0.6 hectares was planted with a yield of 500kg, while a total of 12.5 hectares of maize was planted, leading to the harvest of over seven tones, which were sold.

Professor Olowe said the harvest would have been more, but for the fact that planting preparation started late, due to unavoidable circumstances, adding however that IFSERAR has started early this year in order to reap bountiful harvests.


Director, IFSERAR,
Prof. Segun Osinowo


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