No Inaugural Lecture will Exceed 45 mins. Duration -Prof. Martins, New Chair, Publication’s Committee


The newly appointed Chairman of the University’s Publications Committee, Prof. Olasumbo Martins, has assured the University Community and other stakeholders that henceforth, no Inaugural Lecturer will exceed the 45 minute duration, as officially recommended.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with UNAAB Bulletin in his office, Professor Martins, who prior to his appointment, has been a long–standing member of the Publications Committee, disclosed that the duration was part of the regulations the Committee handed-down for the conduct of Inaugural Lectures.

Aside moderating the publication of Inaugural Lecture materials, Professor Martins articulated the Terms of Reference of his Committee to include the supervision of other University Publications, especially those meant for students’ consumption, in order to ensure a strict regime, in terms of content, context and prices.

Professor Martins became the chairman of the University’s Publications Committee, following the approval of his appointment by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, through a letter dated February 22, 2011, and signed by the Acting Registrar, Mr. Adeleke Adeboye.

Professor Martins, is of the Department of Water Resources and Agromet, College of Environmental Resources Management (COLERM).


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