Get Clearance Before Hanging Your Banners – Management Warns UNAAB Community

The authorities of the University has appealed to members of the University Community to subject banners for their programmes to professional scrutiny and clearance from the Directorate of Public Relations, before hanging them at the main entrance of the institution.

The clearance, according to the authorities, became imperative in order to curtail the excesses of arbitrary display of sub-standard banners that have over time, noted to be capable of compromising the corporate image of the University.

To this end, members of the community had been encouraged to seek professional assistance and advice from the Directorate of Public Relations, for the production of banners and sundry communication materials, towards ensuring befitting concepts, in term of specification and standard.

Members of the University Community, particularly Unions and Associations were further enjoined to obtain the approval of the Directorate of Public Relations before placing their banners, in order not to risk their being removed.

Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun



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