Knowledge of Information Stands You Out –       PR Head Counsels Students

The Asst. Director and Head of the Directorate of Public Relations, UNAAB, Mr. ‘Lasun Somoye, gesticulating to the students on the need to be abreast of global information. Inset, a cross-section of NAASites at the symposium.

The Assistant Director and Head of the Directorate of Public Relations, Mr. ‘Lasun Somoye, has sounded a note of advice to students to always be abreast of global information as a basic tool of empowerment.

The Public Relations expert gave the advice at the annual symposium of the National Association of Agricultural Students (NAAS), UNAAB chapter, held at the College of Veterinary Medicine auditorium.

In his lecture, Mr. Somoye gave a lucid explanation of values and uses of Information as agent of change and catalyst for social development, which the youth should embrace with a new resolve.

Alluding to the maxim ‘information is power’, the speaker said, the ability to process and analyze information by people, confer on them the power for exploits, which ultimately distinguish them from contemporaries

According to him, “the forefathers of our immediate society developed the art of transportation that enabled them to move from one location to another through magical power, but was termed ‘wizardry’ while the Europeans fly airplane as ‘science’ ”.

He attributed the break in the chain of information from the African ancestors to the present generation, occasioned by illiteracy, to be largely responsible to the developmental and technological retardation, currently experienced in the continent.

Also speaking at the event, the President of the Association, Comrade Adebayo Oketooto, lauded the administration of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Balogun, for enabling a conducive learning environment and also described him as the “Architect of Modern UNAAB”.

The President reminisced on the landmark achievements of his administration and urged all NAASites to continuously seek information that could contribute meaningfully to the development of the country and the world at large.

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