Set a Life Goal – Pensioner Tasks Retirees

A Retiree, Mr. Lateef Ladejo, has advised pensioners to set life goals as a way of articulating and living purposeful lifestyle.

Mr. Ladejo stated this in a Paper titled, “Managing an Enterprise”, which he delivered at the 2-Day Pre-Retirement Plan Workshop, held in the University, recently.

He said, “If you want your life in a particular way, you’ve got to take responsibility to follow and execute it on a daily basis”, by “sitting and writing down your life’s goal so as to make life’s journey real to you”.

He stressed, “To stay on track with your goal, you need to repeat, revise and recite your goal, daily as a reminder. Take physical action in line with your goal. Join people that share your goal and not those who will discourage you”.

Mr. Ladejo said the fear of retirement often send cold shivers down the spines of would-be-retirees, counseling that civil servants must make adequate preparation before their retirement, so as to enable them enjoy blissful post-retirement life, saying, “he who fails to prepare, prepares to fail”.

Speaking further, he said “retirees should identify a business they can go into, a job they love”, while they should avoid rushing into choosing a business.

Ladejo also cautioned retirees to be mindful of business location as it is paramount to breaking through, while they should also note the inevitability of challenges, which he said, hardwork, honesty, and perseverance would eventually overcome.

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