Council received a report on the delivery of books to the University Library by a charitable organisation ‘Books for Africa’, on Friday, April 22, 2011.

Council noted that the container was made up of 589 Cartons of Secondary, Post-Secondary and Tertiary Level Books, including Law and Medicine.

Council noted that the idea of the donation of the books was the initiative of Mrs. Adeola George, a newly appointed Principal Librarian in the University.

Council noted the amount the University had spent as port charges and freighting the books to UNAAB inclusive of the sum earlier transferred to the donor for shipping the books.

Council however noted that the estimated value of the books was well over Fifty Million naira (N50m) and the books would be distributed to the various Units of the University including Staff School and UNIS as soon as opening and sorting was completed.

Council noted the delivery of 589 cartons of Secondary, Post Secondary and Tertiary Level Books, including Law and Medicine to the University and the cost of bringing the books to UNAAB.

Council directed that a letter of commendation be written to Mrs. Adeola George for her initiative.


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