Council received a draft of UNAAB Linkage Policy as presented by the Centre for Internationalisation and Partnerships (CENIP), through the University Management.

Council noted that the University has no policy on Research, Linkage and Consultancy, and so had been short-changed in the past.

Council noted that the present Centre for Internationalization and Partnership (CENIP) had gone through series of changes in nomenclature with some changes in its activities before its current name.

Council noted that the name was proposed out of the desire of the present administration to achieve the much needed full opportunities that abound globally and to fully internationalise the University through its overall goal of achieving a functional relationship with the University and within other agencies in the realisation of the mandate of UNAAB through optimum utilization of shared resources.

Council noted that through the Centre, the University has invested heavily on human capacity building and development, training  over 35 staff from various sections of the University (Academic and Non-teaching) internationally and 16 other academic staff who have been supported by Education Tax Fund (ETF) to get placements for Masters and Doctorate Training programmes Overseas.

Council noted that the newly established UNAAB Foreign African Scholarship Scheme (UFASS) is operating under the Centre as a conscious effort of disseminating knowledge through its contribution to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Council also noted that the programme could support research efforts to be integrated into the International Scientific Community through the creation of opportunities for nominees of the Government of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia, to undertake varying programs of study at UNAAB in order to foster capacity building and ensure linkage and partnership in educational development of the sub-region.

Council noted the impact of the policy to include:

  1. Strong internal and external/international collaboration Linkages
  2. Resulted-oriented partnerships with institutions and industries for optimum realization of training, research and extension mandates of UNAAB.


Council also noted, with commendation the contribution of Prof. L. O. Sanni, in terms of donation to the University from Foreign projects.

Council noted the mandate and policy statements of the programme and approved the draft UNAAB Linkage Policy, as a working document, for the Centre.

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