Council received a report of the Inaugural Meeting of INHURD Management Board held on Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Council noted the determination of the Board for the total achievement of the set mandates of the Institute.

Council noted the following extracts of the meeting and directed thus:

  1. The Intra-Campus Road:

Council noted the request for intra-campus roads, particularly the Soremekun/Budo Ayetoro axis and directed that Messers Lateef Folarin be contacted to construct the collapsed culvert bearing in mind that many earth roads had been approved for campus.

  1. Unabsorbed Audited Staff:

Council directed that the concerned staff should respond to any advertisement for established and budgeted positions in the University.

  1. Guidance and Counseling Service:

Council noted the recommendation that the services of the Guidance and Counseling Unit be extended to INHURD for its obvious benefits but directed that INHURD Management should apply to GRECC.

  1. Information Technology Centre:

Council noted the request for the provision of ICT facilities to the Institute and agreed that, private service providers could be engaged, in the interim.


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