6.9 Main Entrance of the COLERM (Phase II) Building

Council received a report on the Main Entrance of the COLERM (Phase II) building.

Council noted the observation that the entrance to a College Building was expected to have a proper transit area as landing and distinct in appearance to give the approach identity of an entrance to the building.

Council noted the following as corrective measures:

  1. A recessed entrance as its defining feature for the entrance.

ii. Within the recessed entrance porch, the differential in topography allowed for introduction of additional steps.

  1. It was necessary to have a more functional setting by discarding recessed entrance with no landing and have a projected entrance which would allow for pushing out of the steps to allow for adequate landing that would precede entrance into the building.

Council noted the cost implication of the project.

Council considered and approved the cost implication on the proposed construction of COLERM (Phase II) Main Entrance Porch.


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