Council received a memorandum on the decisions of the Tenders Board on projects awarded on its behalf from 16th December, 2010 to date.

Council noted the project thus:

  1. Supply and installation of 500KVA Transformer and Extension of Service Line to the Postgraduate, COLFHEC and COLERM (Phase II) Building.
  1. Completion of the site office at the Institute of Human Resources Development (INHURD)
  1. Construction of Student Hostel at the Institute of Human Resources Development (INHURD) Village.
  1. Direct Procurement of Furniture and Office Fittings for the University
  2. Construction of Box Concrete Culvert along the Second Gate to the Farm Centre Road.
  1. Construction of Students’ Hostels.
  1. Construction of Interlocking Paved Walkways (Zone A) at the University Campus.
  1. Construction of Interlocking Paved Walkways (Zone D) at the University Campus
  1. Construction of Vice-Chancellor’s Lodge
  1. Construction of Pro-Chancellor’s Lodge

Construction of Chancellor’s Lodge

Council noted that in all the projects, due process was followed in awarding the contract as listed below:

  1. Advertisement for the pre-qualification/expression of interest in the Projects
  1. Pre-qualification Evaluation
  2. Returning and Opening of Bids
  3. Consultants’ and Physical Planning Unit’s Tender Evaluation Reports and recommendations of the Procurement Planning Committee to Tenders board
  4. Decision of the University’s Tenders Board
  5. Award

Council ratified the decision of Tenders Board on its behalf for the award of the above contracts.

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