8.6 Renewal of Contract Appointment

Council approved the renewal of contract appointment of the following staff:








Effective Date



Dr. (Ms.) M. N. Bemji

Animal Breeding and Genetics

June 1, 2011



Dr. (Engr.) A. F. Adisa,

Agricultural Engineering

June 21, 2011

Council noted the recommendation of APCAS to consider the need to review Section (ii) of the Senior Staff Rules and Regulations Handbook, which states inter-alia that:

“Contract Appointment shall normally be for two years in the first instance, and renewable at the discretion of Council every year up to a maximum of 10 years for premature retirees and 5 years for mature retirees”.

Members believed that the regulation did not take into consideration the case of expatriates. Council therefore approved that Non-Nigerians who cannot ordinarily take up regular appointments be considered for renewal of contract appointment up to the retirement age like their Nigerian counterparts, provided they have residence and work permits.


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