8.9 Enhanced Criterion for PFQ Cases

Council noted the recommendation of APCAS on the criteria for the assessment of publications of academic staff and approved an amendment to Section 2.4.10 of the Senior Staff Rules and Regulations Handbook which states that:

“for successful Professorial and Readership prima-facie cases arising from APCAS upholding of recommendations, the Vice-Chancellor shall request the Dean to submit a list of six potential external assessors who shall themselves be eminent professors and reputable scholars in the candidates’ areas of specialization”

The approved amendment is that, at least two of the recommended assessors shall be offshore assessors.
The amendment has become necessary for the following reasons:

i) To build up excellence in staff and enhance the dignity of elevation to Professorial status;

ii) To internationalise the stature of individual staff; and
iii) To enhance credence to staff of the University, as well as the University itself.

Council approved the recommendations of APCAS as contained in 8.0 – 8.9 above.

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