Degree: B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Email: balogunsa33@hotmail.com, balogunsa@funaab.edu.ng, balogunsa44@gmail.com

Telephone: +234-805-547-0781/08055598283

Fax: 234-39-243045

Department: Micro-Biology

Academic Rank: Senior Lecturer 

Current position: On Study Leave on Research Centre For Eco-Environmental Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing China

•    Doctor of Philosophy                                                                  –    2009
•    Master of Science (Microbiology)                                                  –    2000
•    Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)                                                –    1997


  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan           1992 – 1997
  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan           1998 – 2000
  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan            2000 – 2009


  • Science Association OF Nigeria (SAN)
  • International Association of Hydrological Sciences



a.        Work experience outside the University system:

b.         Work experience in other Universities:

Teaching Assistant, Gen. Studies Prog. U.I   2000 – 2001

Work experience in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko.

Assistant Lecturer                 2001-2005

Lecturer II                              2005 – 2008

Lecturer I                               2008 – To date

c.          Work experience in University of Agric, Abeokuta

Lecturer I                                2010.



a.    M.Sc Dissertation: Microbial Control of Caged Population of Zonocerus variegatus Using Fungal Strains of Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium sp.  Ph.D Thesis  Characteristics and use in crude oil recovery of biosurfactant-producing bacteria from water and soil samples.

b.    Books/Monographs:

i.    Published Books:

Akinyanju, J A., Ekundayo, A.O.,   Adejumo, T.O. and Balogun S. A.    (2010). Laboratory Manual of General Microbiology. Kraft Publishers Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria. ISBN

ii.    Contribution to Books:

iii.    Edited Books:

c.    Articles in learned journals

(i) S.A. Balogun and O.E. Fagade (2004) Entomopathogenic Fungi in population of Zonocerus  variegatus (L) in Ibadan, Southwest, Nigeria. African Journal of Biotechnology 3 (8) 382-386.(www.academicjournals.org / AJB)

(ii) O.E. Fagade, S.A. Balogun and C.J. Lomer (2005) Microbial control of caged population of Zonocerus variegatus using Beauveria  bassiana and Metarhizium sp. African Journal of Biotechnology  4 (1) 113-116. (www.academicjournals.org/ AJB)

(iii) M.N. Tijani, S.A. Balogun and M. A. Adeleye (2005) Chemical and       Microbiological Assessment of Water and Bottom–sediments contamination in Awba Lake (U.I), Ibadan, SW–Nigeria. RMZ–Materials and Geoenvironment, Vol 52 No 1, 123 – 126.

(iv) Ajayi, A.O., Balogun,S.A and Adegbehingbe K.T (2008) Microorganisms in the crude oil – producing areas of  Ondo – state, Nigeria. Scientific Research and Essay Vol 3 (5) pp 174 – 179

(v) S.A. Balogun and Fagade, O.E. (2008) Screening for surface active agent producing bacteria from diesel oil polluted tropical soil. World Applied Science Journal 3 (6) 930-933.

(vi).Osowole, A.A. Ejelonu, B.C. and Balogun,, S. A. (2008) Spectroscopic, magnetic and antibacterial properties of some metal (II) unsymmetrical Schiff base complexes and their mixed ligands analogs. Journal of Ultrascientist of Physical Sciences.  Vol 20  No 3 pp549-558.

(vii) Fagade, Obasola., Okolie, Blessing and Balogun, S.A (2009) Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen sources on biosurfactant producing Bacillus species isolates. Nigerian J. of Microbiology 23 1: 1911-1917.

(viii) A.O. Ajayi, S.A.. Balogun, and K.T. Adegbehingbe (2009). Microbes and Mineral elements in oil producing areas of Ondo state.  American-Euroasian Journal of Scientific Research 4 (3) 204-212.

(ix) S.A Balogun, and O.E. Fagade 2010. Emulsifying bacteria in produce water from Niger Delta, Nigeria. African Journal of Microbiology Research Vol 4 (9) 730-734.

(x)  Osowole, A.A., Kempe, R., Schobert, R., and Balogun, S.A. (2010). Synthesis,    characterisation and in–vitro biological activities of some metal (II) complexes of 3-(-1-(4-Methyl-6-Chloro)-2-Pyrimidinylimino) Methyl-2-Naphthol. Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol 4 No 2 pp 1169-1178.

d. Papers Accepted for publication

Ejelonu, B.C., Oderinde, R.A. and Balogun, S.A.  Characterization of        Jathropha curcas and Mucuna solan seed and seed oil. World Journal of Applied Sciences.

e. Technical Reports/Exhibition Reports/Patents:

Microbiological post impact assessment of oil- polluted areas of Ondo State,    Nigeria. Final Report of Adekunle Ajasin University Senate Research Grant Project carried out in 2006 -2007.

f. Papers in refereed conference Proceedings

Conferences Attended With Dates

1) Science Association of Nigeria Conference Held at the  University of  Lagos, Conference Centre, 2001   Paper presented: Microbial control of caged population of Zonocerus variegatus using Beauveria  bassiana and Metarhizium sp

2) Nigerian Society for Microbiology Conference Held at the University of Ado- Ekiti, 2002      Paper presented: Infectivity of two strains of Entomopathogenic fungi on Zonocerus variegatus

3)1st Faculty of Science International Conference, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Nigeria (2008) Paper Presented: Screening for surface active agent producing bacteria from diesel oil polluted tropical  soil.

4) Science Association of Nigeria Conference Held at the University of Ibadan, Conference   Centre, 2009 Paper presented: Emulsifying bacteria in produce water from Niger Delta, Nigeria.




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