1. Networking Event at British Council, Abuja.
  2. Project Planning Meeting at UNAAB
  3. Project team designs survey Instruments for the field work.
  4. Prof. Ojo went on a field trip to tomato-growing areas of Imo State, Nigeria.
  5. Mr. Ganiyu, Project Research Student, visited tomato farmers in Plateau and Kano States, Nigeria.
  6. Mrs. Kaldezi, Project Principal Partner, took a field trip to some regions in Ghana.
  7. Dr. Dapaah, team member, visited some other regions in Ghana
  8. PI, Dr. Popoola, went to Kenya, brought some tomato varieties grown in East African Region.
  9. Dr. Popoola and Research Students extracted genomic DNA of fifty lines/varieties of tomato. Experiment was performed at the Biotechnology Centre, UNAAB, Nigeria.
  10. Dr. Popoola, now visiting the University of Naples, Italy, for train-the-trainer refresher course and practicals on (i) molecular screening of tomato for resistance to fungal and bacterial wilt; (ii) molecular characterisation of pathogens of tomato wilt.


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