CBN Endows UNAAB with Management Sciences Complex …project to be completed this year

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun (arrowed) stressing a point to the visiting CBN team on the need to complete the project on schedule

The nation’s apex financial institution, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has finalized arrangements to endow the University with a building complex that will house the proposed College of Management Sciences.
The development came just as the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun disclosed that the University will commence courses in Management Sciences in two months time.
Speaking at a parley with the University Management, the leader of the CBN team and Senior Project Manager, Mr. Gabriel Eluma, assured that the edifice will be completed “towards the end of the year”.
The Vice-Chancellor had set the ball rolling when he asked Mr. Eluma rhetorically, “should we expect the completion of the building by March next year”?
Responding swiftly, Mr. Eluma declared, “we are looking towards the end of the year as the fund is already budgeted and the Consultant is working on schedule”.
Speaking further, Eluma, said the project Consultant, who incidentally was on the entourage had been directed, to as usual, “work on strict schedules”, in order to meet the end of the year deadline for the completion of the project.
He stated that the building will be constructed in line with CBN’s quality standard.
The Vice-Chancellor, who was obviously elated at the development, disclosed that the proposed complex will accommodate the College of Management Sciences, expected to take-off with four Departments.
They are the Departments of Banking and Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business Enterprise Management with two options; Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies.
He further disclosed that the edifice will contain other facilities, such as the Lecture Theatre, College Library, ICT Hall, among others.
Professor Balogun told the CBN team that the University had concluded preparations for the smooth take-off of the project, stating that “the site has been cleared and the roads are motorable. We have also taken into consideration labour, electricity and security”.
Reinforcing the need to adhere strictly to completion deadline, Prof. Balogun appealed to the CBN team, “I want to plead that the element of time should be considered. We should not spend much time talking about the preliminary drawings, let’s swing into action”.
He promised the visitors that the University will be willing to offer any assistance to facilitate early completion, as he assured, “let us know what is expected of us, if there is any, apart from what we have done, so that we don’t slow you down”.


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