Governoring Council Approves Change of Designation

The Governing Council has approved the change in designation of some officials of the University.

The change will affect designations such as those of the Deputy Registrars and Deputy Bursars, who are expected to henceforth be referred to as Deputy Directors of their respective Departments.

The approval was part of decisions taken at the 67th Statutory Meeting of the Council, following a proposal from Management.

According to the Decision Extracts of the meeting signed by the Coordinator, Registry, Mrs. Christiana Kuforiji, Council noted that the positions of the Deputy Registrars and Deputy Bursars were out of tune with the Directorate system earlier approved and currently in operation in the Registry and Bursary of the University.

According to the Governing Council, the designations had to be reverted as they give the impression that the holders are next in rank to the Registrar and Bursar, inadvertently eroding the office of the Director that should be next in rank.

Council also recalled that the approval of the Directorate System in the University was to remove staff stagnation and however cautioned that the change in designation attracts no financial benefit.

Chief Olakunle Ayinde Osayemi, Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council

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