UNAAB Takes Delivery Of Kalahari Red Goats

Kalahari Red Goats. Inset: L-R, Ag. Registrar, Mrs. Christiana Kuforiji; DVC (A), Prof. Chryss Onwuka; UNAAB VC, Prof. Oluwafemi Balogun and Dr. Brylyne Chitsunge, at the formal hand-over of the goats.

The University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, last Saturday, took delivery of 60 Kalahari Reds, a special breed of goats with unique qualities.
The goats were air-freighted into the country last Friday evening through the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, from South Africa.
Speaking at the formal handover of the goats at the University’s Farm Centre, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, who was very elated, appreciated the facilitator and breeder of the goats, Dr. (Mrs.) Brylyne Chitsunge, for making out time to personally deliver the goats.
According to the Vice-Chancellor, the University had invested more than N60 million in the Red Goat Project.
He observed that the project “has got the biggest fund ever, in the history of the University. As at today, over N60m, including the cost of the animals had been expended”, promising to accord due priority to the project.
The Vice-Chancellor opined that the project was economically viable, as an average Kalahari goat is several times bigger than a normal goat, with the formal capable of producing about five litres of milk, daily.
He further observed that an antidote to hunger and ravaging poverty in Africa could be found in the rearing of Kalahari goats by farmers, therefore, expressing the hope that the University will be able to multiply the 60 goats among the community farmers for an envisaged large scale production.
“We thank God today that our dream has been realized. Each time I travel in the air, I continually ask what will be the benefit of the risk. But today, I have a vision of many research interests in the Kalahari goat project. I see many Ph.Ds and professors springing-up as a result of this”, said Professor Balogun.
While pleading with those in charge to handle the goats with care and preserve their homogenous genes, Prof. Balogun assured that the acquisition of the goats will help in expanding the frontier of knowledge and an end to hunger and poverty.
Responding, Dr. (Mrs.) Bamidele Oduguwa, the Project Manager, described the Kalahari Red Goat Project as “a good investment made for the future”, while thanking the Vice-Chancellor, the University Management and Dr. Chitsunge for making the project a reality.
Dr. Oduguwa commended the painstaking efforts of the Vice-Chancellor, saying “It takes a spirited effort to do this”.

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