Secure Your Tallies – security supervisor admonishes community

Sheriff Deputy Security Officer, giving out a tally to a motorist entering the University Campus.

The Sheriff Deputy’s Security Supervisor, Mr. Lazarus Nyimkaan, has admonished motorists in the University, to always secure the tallies issued to them at the Ceremonial Gate, against loss.
In an exclusive chat with UNAAB Bulletin, Mr. Nyimkaan reiterated the importance of tallies as security tool, to determine the rightful vehicle owner, at the point of exit.
In case of loss of tallies, Mr. Nyimkaan said that Sheriff
Deputies, will not be left with any option, other than to impose a fine of N 1,500 on any motorist, who loses his/her tally, which would be paid into the Bursary Department, after the genuineness of vehicle ownership had been ascertained.
Expatiating on the reasons why tallies were not given out during University events like Convocation Ceremonies, Mr. Lazarus declared that the high influx of guests and their convoys always make it impossible, adding that, “you cannot stop the convoys to issue tallies when entering and you cannot stop them to collect it when they are leaving”.
Mr. Lazarus said the Sheriff Deputies had been on board since November 4, 2009 and that no incident of car theft had been recorded on Campus since then.
He also advised members of the University community to cultivate the habit of preventing the exposure of tallies to sunlight, so as to avoid damaging them.
The Ceremonial Gate Sheriff Deputy Supervisor, expressed appreciation to the Management of the University, under the leadership of Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, for giving them (securitymen) the opportunity to serve the community.

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