Implementation Committee for the Establishment of Teak, Oil Palm & Plantain Plantation

This Unit also known by the name ICETOPP (Implementation Committee for the Establishment of Teak, Oil Palm and Plantain Plantation) was conceived and initiated by the Vice Chancellor Prof. O.O Balogun in August 2007. The planning committee was known as PLAMCO. The proposal for the farm and the initial take off was handled entirely by the commitee headed by Prof. A.Y.A. Adeoti between 2007 and Oct. 2009.

As the farm expands, staff were employed/redeployed to man the plantation. Presently the Unit , coordinated by Prof. A.Y.A. Adeoti, chairman, ICETOPP has a principal farm manager,and four senior officers. The Plantation is expected to provide conducive ecosystems for teaching, research and extension services as well as a future savings bank and source of fund for the development of the University .


The farm activities were divided into five sub- units ; a Tree crop nursery, Teak plantation , Oil Palm Plantation, Plantain and Cocoa Plantation.

– Tree- Crops Nursery
A tree crop nursery is established to raise seedlings for the establishment of the various Tree Crops Plantation as well as for sale to interested members of the University community. Seedlings available in the nursery include: Oil Palm, Cocconut, Cocoa Sucker and Citrus.

– Life- fencing of UNAAB boundary at Opeji Axis of the University’s land with Teak.
The first planting of 8.5km by 25m wide have been completed. Illegal miners,unauthorised felling of trees and tresspassers along this axis of our boundary were effectively confronted and drastically reduced. As a result of the success achieved, the Unit will continue to establish the Teak Plantation along that boundary.

– Oil Palm Plantation
45ha of farmland has been opened up at the Sotan village and planted with Oil Palm. This Plantation is being expanded annually by an average of 15ha/anuum. The first set of palms established in 2008 have started flowering and plans are underway to put in place an Oil-Processing Mill.

– Plantain Plantation
20ha Plantain have been established between 2008 and 2011. Harvesting from the first field started in 2009. Sales are being made to members of the University community and plans are underway to process into chips, flakes and flour as soon as our output overshoot the present demand for fresh bunches.

– Cocoa Plantation
The Cocoa Plantation started in the year 2010. The delay was because of the need to identify suitable soil for its growth and good yield which are not contiguous and had to be searched for. In 2010, two hectares were established and in the current year, additional five hectares will be added.

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