The Farm Practical Year (FPY) programme was founded on the philosophy that the training programme will afford the trainees the opportunity to “learn by doing” by undertaking practical farming activities on both crop and livestock sections of the University. In the original concept of FPY, it was designed that trainees otherwise known as interns would be seconded to farms or agriculture related industries for the period of six months during which University supervisors would visit to evaluate them. The initial hiccup in securing places for all the students led to a rethink that engaging trainees on the University farms would be more effective rather than allowing them to roam about towns and loosing time in search of potential places for attachment.

The Federal Government recently directed that FPY programme be extended to 12 calendar months from the six months currently in practice.

It therefore, became necessary to review the institutional design of the whole programe. To gainfully engage the students for the 12 months and for the communities in the catchment areas to benefit from the activities of the University, it was proposed that the Farm Practical Year programme be upscaled to Community-Based Farming Scheme. For effective coordination and efficient management, the existing Teaching Farm Management Committee was upgraded to Centre for Community-Based Farming Scheme (COBFAS).

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