Environmental Management Acquires New Tools

The Deputy Director, Directorate of Environmental Management (DEM), Mr. Funso Idowu,
exhibiting one of the Brush Cutters recently acquired by the Directorate.


The University’s Directorate of Environmental Management (DEM), is poised to frontally tackle the issue of work tools towards enhancing productivity.

To this end, the Directorate had taken delivery of two brand new Brush-Cutters that will further mechanize the cutting and trimming of University lawns.

The Deputy Director/Head, Parks and Gardens Unit of the Directorate, Mr. Funso Idowu, disclosed this during a Hands-on-Demonstration of the two STIHL FS 250 Brush-Cutter model.

Mr. Idowu said the acquisition was necessitated by the need to de-emphasize the use of cutlass by its domestic workmen.

Speaking to FUNAAB Bulletin during the demonstration, Mr. Idowu noted that the machines were highly effective in cutting grasses in the areas where lawn-mowers could not be used, with a work rate exceeding the aggregate turn-over of ten workmen.

He added that the Parks and Gardens Unit would wish to acquire about twenty brush-cutters by next year, such that two each, could be assigned to different zones of the University, in line with the existing DEM’s delineation template.


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