AMREC holds Training on Parenting


The Agricultural Media Resources and Extension Centre (AMREC), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) recently held a Pilot Capacity Building Training on Parenting and Marital Stability.
The training was organised by the Gender Issues and Youth Development (GIYD) Programme, an arm of the Centre, where vital issues pertaining to marital stability and parenting were discussed.
Delivering his lecture, titled Challenges of a Happy Husband and a Responsible Father, Dean, Post-graduate School, Prof. Steve Olaoluwa Afolami noted that a happy person is also a joyful person and that life is always full of surprises while alluding to a Yoruba adage;
“aiye ko dadi opa ibon”, meaning, life is not as straight as the barrel of a gun.
According to him, “as a rule, life presents challenges at every turn
of the bend, stating that if we are happy only when things go our way,
we are more likely to be unhappy persons, most of the time”.
Prof. Afolami said the truth about life is that people must learn to be happy always and in order to be happy, husbands and wives should make deliberate efforts, to achieve this.
“Willingness to sacrifice our ego, chauvinism, self-centredness for
the goodness and happiness of other members of the family, to engender an atmosphere of peace, joy, and harmony in the home is crucial”, he added.
On fatherhood and its challenges, Prof. Afolami stated that fatherhood comes from God, as a good father patterns his fatherhood after our
Almighty Father’s paternity.
He pondered on the advice given to him by a priest when he
was about getting married that he should concentrate on living a life that is consistent with his faith, strive to be united as a true family by bringing his
children up properly and avoid quarrelling in their presence.
Others include, settling individual differences privately, desisting from running down friends, be honest, hard-working, transparent and live within one’s income.
He added that bringing up the children does not necessarily require a lot of money, warning parents to guard against flamboyance, excessive luxury, wastefulness and frivolity.
According to him, what children needed most are friendship and affection from their parents and giving listening ears to their little stories and concerns.
Speaking on the topic, Parenting Styles, Mrs. M. S. Bandipo noted that parenting required a lot of learning and practice, as she stressed the importance of establishing marital bonds between parents and their children.
She added that while parenting is demanding, it could be very rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable.
On Marriage is a Relationship, Mrs. Bandipo, in her second presentation, stressed the importance of parents making commitment to God, to have a healthy relationship.
Earlier, the Director of AMREC, Prof. (Mrs.) Carolyn Afolami said parents had the sacred responsibility of upbringing,
training and disciplining their children, to make them better citizens in future.
“The outcomes of our children are to a very large extent, dependent on our lifestyle and investment of love, training and discipline in them”, she added.

AMREC Director, Prof. Carolyn Afolami


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