FUNAAB Opencourseware

OpenCourseWare, or OCW, is a term applied to course materials created by Universities and shared freely with the world via the internet.

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokua (FUNAAB) OpenCourseWare is class material such as Course Description, Course Requirements, Reading Lists, Lecture Notes, and other documents created by the University academic Scholars.

You can access FUNAAB OpenCourseWare materials where ever you are and whenever you want by follow these steps:
1. Click on College of Choice e.g COLNAS
2. Click Department that offer such particular course e.g Computer Science
3. Click on the desired Course Code e.g CSC 201

All Courses

List of FUNAAB Colleges

College of Agricultural Management and Rural Development (COLAMRUD)
College of Animal Science and Livestock Production (COLANIM)
College of Engineering (COLENG)
College of Environmental Resources Management (COLERM)
College of Food Science and Human Ecology (COLFHEC)
College of Natural Sciences (COLNAS)
College of Plant Science and Crop Production (COLPLANT)
College of Veterinary Medicine (COLVET)


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