Health Centre Marks End-of-the-Year in Grand Style

Cross-section of Health Centre staff members at the End-of-the-Year get-together


It was fanfare at the University’s Health Centre as members of staff gathered to hold the End-of-the-Year get-together.
The Director of the Centre, Dr. T.O. Talabi, said the event was held to show gratitude to God for His faithfulness and to appreciate all staff for their dedication to duties in the out-gone year.
Dr. Talabi gave a thumb-up for the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, for transforming the Health Centre into a ‘London Hospital’, by equipping it with modern medical facilities.
Speaking at the occasion, the Assistant Director (Nursing), Mrs. T. M. Okuboye, remarked that “We have all worked from January to this day, it is God who has been keeping us and sustaining us and we thank Him for this. We also thank the leadership of the Centre, ably led by Dr. T. O. Talabi, who has been piloting affairs very well.
We may be small in number at the Health Centre, but we have been contributing our quota to the University, because if the staff were not healthy and fit, none of them will be winning awards and laurels,” she added.
The get-together, which was held on the Boxing Day, was used by members of staff to exchange gifts among themselves.

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